Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bloody Flu

Can't bweathe.

It seems that there is a minor epidemic in my office.
2 of my colleagues feel sick very suddenly yesterday and this morning, I woke up with a really heavy head and just couldn't stop sneezing.

Being the trooper that I am, I decided that I just cannot miss out on the meetings I set for the morning/ other urgent work so I forced myself out of bed and trudged to my office.
(I figured, with all my in-depth medical knowledge, that it was probably just a really bad case of the morning sniffles)

A little later, I was feeling a tad feverish and my nose alternated between being totally blocked and leaking in a very embarassing manner....
(Shy lerr...... It's really not very attractive to walk around all bleary eyed and red nosed with a damp tissue in hand)

Anyway, after:
1) half a day in the office snorting and sneezing,
2) my very nice manager saying "Go see the doctor and then go HOME - if not you will INFECT us all.. You already work very hard everyday so go rest today lah, ok?"
(Which I appreciate greatly as opposed to the "What? Sick again?" line and glare that I've gotten from managers of years gone by)
3) a trip to a doctor
4) a quick drive home, and
5) a good dose of hibernation,
.... I feel a lot better.

Just in time to go back to the office tomorrow and catch up on an extra half a day's work!
*half hearted cheer*

Hmmm, I do hope that I haven't infected anyone else in the few hours I was at work though - everyone's so busy that falling sick is something no one has time for (including me, actually *sigh*)...

Well, if I have inadvertedly infected anyone, I suppose I'll find out tomorrow when a bleary eyed, snotty person attempts to strangle me in the office....

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  1. I hope you get well soon!

  2. to wuching:
    Kenot kenot..
    Half a day on MC is more then enough already - if it's one and a half days then I will really die when I have to catch up on all the work!

    to kay:
    I'm feeling much better already.

  3. yai... get well soon :(


  4. hope you get well soon.

  5. to sneexe:
    Don worry - I feel much better already!

    to tekko:
    Thank you!


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