Monday, April 30, 2007

Killing Time


Just fresh from the weekend and less than 24 hours more till the public holiday.
And I totally don't feel like working today!
(Isn't that terrible?)

I am such a naughty minion.

Anyway, the weekend was good:
- I went to the gym,
(Yay for me!) (Only once though - Boo....)
- Had a nice dinner at NeroVivo on Saturday night with P and some friends,
(Will post up review as soon as I can)
- Went to view a condo on Sunday,
(*sigh* Had my hopes pretty high but the place was in pretty bad shape)
- Lazed around and watched DVDs on Sunday
(Miss Potter rocks! If you like whimsical love stories with very good acting, that is)

Hope you all had a great weekend too.
(I'm sure many of you are on leave today anyway)


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