Friday, April 20, 2007

The Tale Of The Strange Links...

Haven't done this for a while but what the heck:
Was going through my Statcounter visitor links (Yeah... I like to keep an eye on how ppl end up visiting my blog once in a while) and came across a few weird word hits:

1) The Damn Pub Lamb Shank
Erm, ok.... I'm no. 15.
(Ok lah - it's sorta food related so it's not SUCH a shocker)

2) kluang hotel address pr0stitute girls
Now, I'm no. 6!

3) making love to indian aunties
I'm no. 57.
There's someone out there with VERY specific preferences....

4) wifes toyboy
Ai yai yai....
I'm no. 13??.

I suppose it's not such a HUGE surprise considering how you can find pretty much everything on the Internet nowadays.... Besides, after reading about sexy table top dancers in a Malaysian hawker centre, I really believe that anything's possible.
(Malaysia Boleh, btw... *lol*)

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MeiyeN said...

:D muahahaha... lol... ekekekeke :p

Someone who is constantly craving said...

how come i dont have? which section of statcounter you looked at? haha it goes to shows how many "siao" people they are in the world..

Kay said...

hahahahaha........ im too lazy to check the statcounter and so I didn't put on in my blog but my blog have footprints... funny and weird visitors you got there...... hope im one of the normal ones.........hahahaha

J said...

to meiyen:
Yeah, it's weird right?

to someone who is constantly craving:
I see from the Recent Visitor Activities report... there can see the referring url.
Have fun!

to kay:
Well, you're definately not one of the weirdos!

Wuching said...

cool! i love links! the more the merrier!

zeroimpact said...

I do keep an eye too sometimes
But then I found out its better not to know
Heh heh heh

Pei said...

Hello. I'm Pei from CLEO magazine. I'm actually doing a research on the CLEO chocolate awards for my editorial writer. I was thinking whether I can meet up with you to have a chat regarding good chocolate restaurant/cafes/hotels/shops in Malaysia.

Please email me at so that we can arrange a time and place if you are willing. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

J said...

to wuching:
I'll try to see what other weird/ funny links come up and I'll post it up so you can have even more fun, ok?

to zeroimpact:
So mysterious wan... Means you must have some super interesting links then!
Tell laaaah.....

to pei:
I'm not sure exactly how much help I can be but I'll mail you soon, ok?

MeiyeN said...

quite unbeliveable though... :p

J said...

to meiyen:
Well, there are just a lot of unbelievable ppl out there, I guess....
Besides, the links are enough proof, aren't they?

J said...

to meiyen:
Well, there are just a lot of unbelievable ppl out there, I guess....
Besides, the links are enough proof, aren't they?

sneexe said...

Random. Hmm, but then, that's how the search works in the first place, I guess...

Hey, I was at Bakerzin and had the chocolate shot last night... it wasn't as good as the first time :( They didn't warm it up enough.

Hopefully it's at optimal when we go :)

tankiasu said...

I got heaps of hits from people searching for "nude scandalous kid photos" as well.


We really need to pray for this world.

J said...

to sneexe:
That's a pity - means that the quality is not that consistent!
... but yeah, I hope it is optimal when we do go there.

to tankiasu:
Yeah... paedophiles are crazy.

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