Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Nightmare? Or Not?

It's just one thing after another.

First, all that drama with my parents and then, a horrible nightmare that still has me feeling shaken until now....

The worst thing is that it didn't even feel like I was asleep at all:
I was there, lying on my bed sleeping when I was woken up by a stupid dog that was barking and barking and barking.

Annoyed, I grumbled and closed my eyes, trying to force myself back to sleep while the dog continued barking in the background. Suddenly, I felt like I was being pinned down by something really heavy!

I tried to turn my head, but found that I couldn't move at all...
My entire body: hands, legs, fingers, toes and all felt like they were totally frozen!

At the corner of my eye though, I saw the outline of 2 hands in the semi-darkness of my room, pushing down on my shoulders....

I tried to scream for help, over and over again but couldn't move my lips...
(Felt SO helpless)

Then, as suddenly as it had started, it ended....
To my surprise (and joy), I found that I could move again... and I more or less jumped out my bed and turned on the lights, heart still racing.
(I then spent the rest of the night sleeping very restlessly in the living room with all the lights on)

I really thought that I had been "visited" by a ghost but my darling P has convinced me that it was probably just a really really vivid nightmare....
I hope that his version is true, rather than mine.

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  1. i've heard of that quite often..old folks said its becoz u got weighted down by 7 legged spider who is on top of ur bed so find that spider & get rid of it!

  2. Man... that's really scary!

  3. ARGH!! i've kene that before when my family and I just moved into the apartment (10years ago) when it was still very very empty.

    It was really scary. I saw a fuzzy white thing sat on top of me. Just like you, i cant move too. I can see rite thru it.

    I dunno if its a dream or what. But for the entire week, i slept with the lights on. :S

  4. to wuching:
    7 legged Spider?
    Oh, I've never heard of that story b4 but if it happens to me again then I'm definately going to fumigate my entire room+house.

    to merv:
    I'm still pretty freaked out.

    to honey star:
    Oh, you poor thing - that must have been very scary!
    I'm still very scared also...
    Same as you - I'm also still not sure whether it was a dream or not and I've been sleeping with the lights on ever since that night.

  5. j, what a nightmare!!! :( not to worry too much.... *hugz* maybe it's time to pray.... :)

  6. to meiyen:
    Yeah lor: Maybe this is someone's way of telling me that I haven't been praying enough for all this time!

  7. That happened to me before. Twice or thrice in my life. It always ended when I started praying and forcing my brain and body to regain full conciousness.
    There's actually a "scientific" explanation to this which unfortuantely, I have already forgotten. The thing is, don't let it get to you. Just relax your mind when going to bed instead of thinking the day's events kay..? :) You'll be surprised at how common this "situation" is to many other people....

  8. I think it's the stress of everything else - work and family. Mycoffee's analysis makes sense so do relax before you sleep. I know when I'm stressed, I feel like I'm not sleeping at all as my brain is still active thinking out the problems. Take care and the weekend is round the corner so maybe take it easy.

  9. Eh... I had that experence before. I was sleeping but I feel like I was awake, I wanted to move but couldn't and I couldn't speak as well.... I think they call it "ghost weight down" ?? Luckly I haven't experence it ever since... it happen at night too... freaky...! Maybe the dog was trying to warn you something because the pup sense it?.. hehe.. my pup does sense things sometimes :P

  10. to mycoffee:
    I do hope the cause is something entirely scientific and not anything else....

    to boo_licious:
    Thanks for the advice and reassurance....
    I hope that it's just stress too - at least it's something I can work on, without the help of a bomoh.
    (Much less scary)

    to kay:
    Don't scare me lah!
    If I hear the dog barking again, I think I will immediately run out of my room to avoid this happening again....

  11. too stress ah you? I read some reports before, you feel the "ghost weight down" thingie was becoz you are damn stress. All the muscle like cramp already.. so u cannot move and talk..

  12. to cely:
    .... but, but I saw hands pressing down on my shoulders too!
    Maybe I was so stressed that my whole body cramped AND I started hallucinating at the same time?
    Or maybe it really was a ghost??
    (Am still sleeping with the lights on, just in case!)

  13. I've experienced this phenomenon 6 times already. Truly terrifying, esp when you can see and feel "something".

  14. Have heard the "ghost weight" explanation thing.

    Think I've experienced it, or something similar.

    Believe it's related to stress & negative emotions / mental patterns.

    Probly need to get you out of a rut :) lets do Bakerzin. When u in town / free? I can't chew, but I shoudl be able to do dessert tapas by the weekend.

  15. to tankiasu:
    6 times??
    OMG, you poor thing - That's 6 times too many!

    to sneexe:
    Sounds good.
    (I feel better already just thinking about pigging out on chocolate cakes...)
    Will SMS you later...


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