Thursday, April 12, 2007

Where's The Food? (Edited)

I need a break from life and work...
So many things on my personal "To Do" List (filling up and submitting my tax form would be one of them) that I'm just too bogged down to do....

My blog has also been very woefully ignored for the last week or so....
... and that situation doesn't look like it'll change for at least another week, due to work commitments.

I will of course try to update with some food related post/ restaurant review before then if possible but meanwhile, do feel free to pop over to Mei Yen's blog to enjoy her yummy food pics and give her a vote.
She's been nominated for the Blogger's Choice 2007 Best Food Blog!
(Congrats, Mei Yen!)


Looks like Boo_licious of Masak-Masak has also been nominated for the same category in the Blogger's Choice Awards!
(Congrats, Boo!)

I like both their food blogs very much and couldn't decide which one I like better so what did I do?
I voted for both of them!
(Because they're both great in their own way)

So, what should YOU do?: VOTE FOR BOTH OF THEM TOO!
(Not that I'm twisting your arm or anything like that - it's just a very strong suggestion)


Anyway, till the next update: ADIOS! (And have a good week...)


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  1. oh my god, j.... thanks alot! you are such a sweetie... thanks for being so supportive!!!! i really appreciate that........

    don't be over-stress yah... hope that you gonna have time to update as i really miss your review alot!!!!!!!!!!! and i really mean it, ALOT!

  2. Take care and don't stress yrself out. By the way, I sent an email to you but didn't get any reply. Can you check yr spam folder as it may be there and revert as soon as possible? If you didn't get it, please email me at Thanks.

  3. to meiyen:
    If you really really want to, you can buy me dinner to show how much you appreciate my support.
    I'm just trying to help in whatever way I can lah.

    to boo_licious:
    Have seen your email and replied already.
    I think I will be going for the meet-up.... but can I invite other ppl?

  4. No wonder I couldn't see any food review recently. Take care. Happy weekend.

  5. to che-cheh:
    Ya lor.
    Have been too busy...
    My new year's resolution to update everyday is totally broken!


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