Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Withdrawal Symptom

The weekend is over.

It was ok.
I went to the gym on Saturday...
(Yay for me getting off my lazy @ss!)
... and then spent the rest of the weekend vegetating - watching DVDs, reading and sleeping.
(I don't suppose that totally negated the time I spent in the gym though, does it?)

Food wise?
I think I've hit a rut.
I've kinda fallen off the "Must try a new restaurant every week" wagon and fallen into the "Ooh, let's go to Vintry" one.

What can I say?
I'm a drunkard lah.... and any place that serves affordable good wine and yummy food would naturally become a default location for me.
(Finally tried the Deep Fried Pork there - OMG, it's so mega, MEGA sinful but SO good!)

On another note, I am so broke.
I'm definately feeling the aftermath of all that credit card swiping during my recent holiday in Italy.

Erm, anyone want to donate to the "J the Chocoholic's Lunch Money" charity?
(Please feel free to pledge any amount, big or small, in the comment box)


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  1. oh, you too..... I have speding so much on my credit card, and it dosen't help that my credit card company keeps on raising my credit card limit without asking me. So I tend to spend more!!!! arg!! they are so tricky......... I need a frugal girl friend!

  2. oh hey... just when i found a nice place to introduce the Sat diners to... next next weekend maybe, cos i have dental surgery tomorro :( no food for a week.

  3. to b:
    There're kinda evil in that way...
    (My credit limit's been increased twice without my knowledge!)

    to sneexe:
    Well, if you've got a nice place to recommend, I'm definately up for it.
    Have just gotten a bit lazy to look around myself, that's all.
    Hope your dental surgery goes well.
    (Just remember: The painkillers are your good friends)


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