Tuesday, April 24, 2007


It's scary.
I was going through an old photo album over the weekend.... just flipping through and thinking back fondly on times that have passed when it suddenly dawned on me:

My self image has always been a bit skewed I suppose, thanks in no small amount to:
1) a bunch of high school friends who called me "fatty" for fun even though I was thin, and
2) my father who also called me "fatty" since I was young to motivate me to keep thin (I know he means well but I really question how healthy that approach is).

Now, years later and roughly 15 pounds heavier, I have gone right past the "slightly overweight" category, reached the "plump" category and am slowly inching (ha ha - how punny) towards the "fat" category.

Strangely, I am pretty comfortable in my own skin now - I really don't care so much that I am not longer that skinny.... but I suppose it would be healthier for me to put a little bit more effort into losing some weight.
(I've more or less fallen off my "go to the gym" resolution for 2007)

So, see you at the gym!
(I'll be the one who almost faints after 15 minutes on the treadmill)


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  1. coincidently, i feel da same too!!!! :(

  2. Oh, don't you just hate when that happens?

    You lose some then you gain some. A never ending cycle! :D

  3. to meiyen:
    Don't be modest lah!
    You are still thin even after eating all the yummy food.
    I'm so jelez!

    to cazzy:
    True true...
    Hopefully I can lose more this time though...
    I'd hate for it to be a "1 step forward and 2 steps back" sorta scenario.

  4. camwhore for us & i'll decide if ur overweigh!

  5. to wuching:
    There'll not be any whoring of any sorts here!
    I'm shy lerrr.....

  6. i kinda remember seeing pics of you before you took them down and you don't look fat! anyway, i think most men like their women to fill out nicely =P

  7. merv : Not to be rude, but.... Fat Chance! That's what they all SAY. :p

  8. haha which gym do u go 2..let me look out if theres anyone falling off the treadmill the next time i go gymming also..

    dont worry..no matter how much u gain..ur bf sure has to say no ur not fat 1..unless he askin for trouble

  9. to merv:
    Awww, thanks...
    You're always such a sweetie!
    Unfortunately, I suspect that there's roughly 5 pounds extra between me now and me in that photo.
    (Something I have to work on)

    to sneexe:
    Well, some men like meat and some men like bones, I guess.
    It does seem like the latter is the majority though, doesn't it?

    to someone who is constantly craving:
    Well, if he says that when I'm in a bad mood then he is definately asking for trouble!
    ... but I know I've gained weight lah so even if he says so, it's ok.

  10. The important thing is how we feel and what we think of ourselves
    Easier said than done... I know
    Coz I've dieting too, I gained almost 15 pounds from my study years too
    Gym gym gym, here I come come come

  11. yeah... sigh. sigh sigh.

  12. to zeroimpact:
    Let's all go to the gym together and run off the extra 10 - 15 pounds.
    I'll race you on the treadmill, k?

    to sneexe:
    Yeah, it's a tragedy isn't it?
    (Not that you have anything to worry about! You're skinny enough lah)

    to soo jin:
    EVIL emo boy!

  13. I'm thinner than I used to be, but I haven't exactly seen a corresponding impact on my attractiveness ratings. Not that I'm bitter about it (anymore). Have reached a comfortably Lackadasical state of mind, as far as men are concerned.

    re SJ: don't worry- have you seen HIS old photos and compared to present? ;)


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