Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened....

... on the way to Putrajaya while looking for a friend's house:
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"WHICH way to Presinct 8??"

I am thankful that I was hitching a ride (with friends who roughly knew the area) and not driving around on my own or I would have probably been driving around in circles for hours on end....

Malaysian road signs are wonderful though, aren't they?
Such a wonderful mix of misleading signs, signs with unreadable fonts or sign that are just plain non-existent (or damaged to the point of illegibility).

I suppose we're not the worst in the world when it comes to infrastructure (Eg. roads and the accompanying signages, etc) but I'm thinking there's a lot of room for improvement.....

Constantly amazed,

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  1. lol.. so which way did you take? if i were you, most probably i would turn right..

    happy new year to you! may 2008 brings you lotsa happiness, fortune and good health =)

  2. Oh my!!! Great catch ... haha, funny signboard. :-)

  3. to meiyen:
    Wah - correct!
    (We did turn right there that day)

    to julian si:
    Well, I'm just glad I wasn't alone - I'm totally lost in Putrajaya area!

  4. took me awhile haha..all i know is to get to MoF haha..even getting to Alamanda is abit tricky

  5. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    Well, at least you know that much.
    I'm pretty sure the next time I try to find my friend's place on my own I will have to put a big note on my windscreen saying: "WHEN IN DOUBT, TURN RIGHT!" or I may get very lost....


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