Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Sin For The Week

J being naughty at Bestari's mamak in Hartamas.....

I hadn't gone for a good mamak session for the longest time so guess what I did when faced with the easy availability of a plate of delicious steaming hot Maggi Goreng?

You're right: My willpower totally caved in and I ordered it:
The Maggi Goreng...

After banning it off my food list (and succeeding) for almost a year, I'd forgotten how good it tastes - The firm texture of the noodles, coated with a generous layer of oil and fragrant spices with smatterings of egg and veggies....
(Oooh, and the optional dash of lime on top adds that extra zing)

That night, I quickly cleaned off the entire plate (all by myself some more *sigh*).... and washed it down with a glass of kopi ais kurang kurang manis.

I don't even want to think how many calories were that meal! I will just have to be more careful in future when faced with such temptation.....

I have been naughty and I know it!,

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  1. Ah well. Food, food, glorious food! Hard to say no sometimes.

  2. to farah raihanah:
    Haha... very true.
    (Especially true for me since I am so greedy)
    Next time I am faced with the question: "Makan apa?" from the friendly mamak waiter, I have to learn how to say: "Tak mau makan! Teh O Ais Limau kurang manis only, thank you...."

  3. There is just no stopping once you sit down at a mamak stall
    Absolutely nothing can stop you at that time
    I miss maggi goreng a lot too

  4. to zeroimpact:
    My greedy tummy says: "Yes, yes, YES!"... but the problem is that my waistline yells: "No, you fool, NO!" at the same time.
    Unfortunately, more often than not I will submit the the whims of my appetite and ignore common sense.

    Hey, if you miss Maggi Goreng a lot then go out and have a plate! Why deny yourself the little pleasures in life?
    (I'm not exactly a good influence, am I?)

  5. That's nothing. What is really a sin? Finishing a whole rice pot of chicken rice all at once when it is meant for 2 meals!!!
    But hey, the cook in me is flattered by my appetite. Does that mean my culinary skill has improved to 'unresistible' level? Hahaha

  6. to anonymous:
    Ok ok - so eating what is effectively 2 meals at one time is more sinful, but at least it was filled with nutritious home-cooked goodness...



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