Tuesday, January 08, 2008

FYI : Vintry @ Jaya 33, PJ

I still don't get it but anyway.....

Guess what?
Vintry's new and much bigger outlet in the Jaya 33 shopping centre is now open!

Guess what (again)?

Don't ask me why. There was already a hint of exasperation in my voice when I asked the waiter what sort of angle they're going for: "A Halal Restaurant which specialises in Wine"?

Please don't get me wrong though: It's not that there's anything wrong with it being Halal, but I just find it very confusing that the 2 outlets have the exact same name and such vastly different concepts!
(The nice waiter confirmed that the old outlet of Vintry's in Damansara Heights is still maintaining its non-Halal menu)
(Oh, and I guess I was just being grumpy because I had been really really looking forward to having the sinfully delicious deep fried pork strips....)

Anyway, now you know:
- New Vintry outlet @ Jaya 33 = Halal, and
- Old Vintry outlet @ Bukit Damansara = Still Non-Halal.

(If you want to read my review on the Vintry in Damansara Heights, please click on THIS LINK)

Cheerio then,

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  1. LOL! I hope service here is better as the Dsara Heights one gets all crazy when the dinner crowd is around.

  2. so u walked off after that or u still ate there? no review ar?

  3. I complete share your thoughts. And so did many other regulars. It is like "duh???"....

  4. to boo_licious:
    Oh, the service here is heaps better in comparison! Hmmm,... but maybe only because they still aren't as popular as the old outlet.
    (It was only half full when I went there so the were plenty of attentive waiters to go around)

    to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    I still ate there because I wanted to drink wine that night.
    (I know I'm such a drunkard! Haha)
    Sorry though - no review!
    The food's ok la - not really great but not that bad either.
    (I still prefer the old outlet)

    to mycoffee:
    Ya loh.
    Exactly! - Very "duh"??? indeed.
    Well, at least they still have plenty of interesting wines to choose from.

  5. i love Vintry's deep fried pork strip too! and their absolutely delicious burgers! =)

    i love your blog! eat more, blog more!

  6. to mei wah:
    Yeah - they taste so good, right? Mmmmmm..... I feel hungry just thinking about it

    And thanks for compliment!
    Will try my best to keep improving my reviews and continue food blogging for as long as my tummy and wallet allows....
    (BTW, if you like pork burgers, the one at Jarrod and Rawlins in the Bkt Damansara area is also not bad)

  7. Do they have a HALAL Certification? If NO, then they are not HALAL but PORK-FREE.

  8. to Wa Lau Wei:
    Dunno they all - siao wan. Its a place specialising in WINE. Dont understand why they decided to take their yummy pork dishes away....


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