Thursday, January 24, 2008


J is turning into a whale.....

My worst nightmare has come true: The holiday season feasting has caught up with my waistline.

It's bloody irritating how quickly I pile on the pounds!
I took the time to spring clean and pack in anticipation of an upcoming holiday wih my parents. Halfway through, I decided (for fun) to just try on some of the long sleeve shirts and sweaters that I hadn't worn for such a long time and... *drum roll* ... they don't fit anymore!
(Boo... I actually had to make a quick trip out to One Utama to buy new shirts so I don't freeze to death on our trip)

So either my mum shrank ALL of them when she washed them... or I am much fatter than I was 2 years ago (ie. the last time I wore all those clothes).

Anyway, just to be safe - I'm swearing off carbs until I drop a couple of pounds and will jump back to my gym routine (as soon as I get better from this irritating on and off and on again flu).

Does not want to be an "XL" girl no matter how much she loves her curves,

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  1. going holiday?!!!! to where???? let me know yah... :D

  2. Hey babes...

    if you need a buddy to lose weight with you know where to find me...

  3. I feel your pain, I have slipped off my diet, and now some jeans won't fit. maybe you mom washed my clothing too?

  4. to meiyen:
    This time I'm going to Spain with my parents...
    Very excited about it but a bit scared that it's probably going to be the normal tour group experience again....

    to judithlyn:
    I wish you could help keep an eye on me during office hours! That's when I sin the most....

    to b:
    Yes. It's part of my mum's evil plan!
    She's out to make us both feel like fatties by shrinking all our clothes...

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  6. to bryan @ asia valley:
    Am quite confused - Can't figure out whether your website is a commercial travelling site or.... ?


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