Saturday, January 26, 2008

Horror Continues

J has a happy but sad day shopping at the Curve.....

I was at the Brands Outlet Store at the Curve today when I tried on a pair of plus size jeans. Basically, it was out of curiousity/ desperation after trying on multitudes of "modern" super low cut, crotch skimming jeans that were all too tight...

And, to my joy/ horror, the plus size jeans fit so well!
:) / :(

So, bright side: Yay! I found nice jeans! Not only do they fit well on my wider than normal hips and bigger than usual butt but the length was also just nice so I don't feel like freaky midget (a la jeans at MNG/ Zara/ etc).

But, down side: Me? PLUS size? Really??? (Oh man - my weight gain has reached new heights!)

Kinda depressed,

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  1. I had to do the same thing before. buy a bigger size jeans. if really sucks, because you really don't notice the weight, until you try on the jeans.... or......... your mom went to the department store and shrunk all the jeans ... hmmmmmmmmmm???

  2. Hey ya babes...

    I so know what you mean....I went through it before and it can be a downer!!!!!

    Dun worry...after you return from Spain, we'll both go exercise and encourage each other!!!!!

  3. to b:
    She works fast, doesn't she?

    to judithlyn:
    Cool.... That'll definately be a good time to start bcos I'm pretty sure that I'll gain (more) weight during my holiday!


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