Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Musings

It's hilarious! - My "No carbs" diet lasted (more or less) 1 and a half days.
Haha. I guess now I know exactly how weak my willpower really is!

Oh well, in any case it's been a hectic but fun couple of days.
The weekend was super packed: Somehow managed to fit in meeting high school friends, shopping, friend's birthday dinner, spring cleaning and a fun day out at the first KLPAC Open Day.
(Will post up some photos soon....)

And on the weekdays, as usual, I've been psycho busy at work with the added stress of it being "Appraisal Season".... *yuck*.... Am really not looking forward to it - I've already scheduled my slot with my manager but have a funny feeling it won't go very well.

Anyway, I refuse to be disappointed again.
If I present a good enough case and it's still not good enough for my manager to take any action then it may be better for both of us to just say "bye-bye"... because either he can't be bothered or I'm not worth the trouble - both those situations are exactly where I don't want to be!
(Have promised myself that I will not start : a) crying in frustration, or b) lose my patience, scream at him and end up burning my bridges to crispy little cinders)

So, wish me (good) luck! I think I will need it.....

Trying to hold on to her life motto: "Hope for the best but prepare for the worst!",

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  1. Gal,

    Hang in there.... you'll do just fine!!!

  2. haha good luck!..well if u r not happy then better start doing something abt it..n might as well pour what u r unhappy abt..although chances are they wont believe

  3. to judithlyn:
    I'll definately try my best no matter what.
    (Thanks for the vote of confidence though)

    to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    To me, "don't believe" is still better than "don't care"!

    Anyway, life goes on. Thanks for the good luck - will need it for tomorrow.

  4. I dunno if this will help. but when I find myself in a situation that I can't handle, and I'm screaming on the inside. I tell myself it's simple and easy to handle... and it seems to refocus myself, and it's kinda helps me skip that emotional bull droppings.

  5. to b:
    Hmmmm, well it sounds easy enough..
    I'm sure it's hard to do though (for me anyway) but I'll definately try.


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