Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FYI: Marmalade @ Mont Kiara

Don't panic! It's only moved, not closed down.....

If you passed by the main Mont Kiara area and noticed that Marmalade is missing from it's spot near the Baskin Robbins/ Coffee Bean- Do not fret!

It has not closed down... but has relocated to inside Plaza Mont Kiara (ie. that tall office building which is just across the road from its original location). Have not tested out the food there yet but so far, have not heard any complaints.
(So, let's conclude that the food continues to be decent - not great, but fairly reasonable for the taste and price charged)

Anyway, if you want to read my original review of Marmalade (old outlet though), please click on THIS LINK.

At your service,

PS/ I don't think I will be able to update till at least next week so, sorry!
(I'll be away for work for a couple of days)

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  1. Babes, me know you dessert person...so the dessert place called 'Dessert's Bar' that took over Marmalade's spot at the shoplex should be something to entice you. A bunch of us went over there the other night so you might want to go explore too! I have the card so we can go makan makan and try again...

  2. Food's yummy at new Marmalade location ... http://juliansi.blogspot.com/2007/04/happy-birthday-whye-mun.html

    Also, the cupcakes at BV2 is just as yummy!

    See ya J!

  3. hey, I dunno if you saw this, but there is a naked life sized Jesus chocolate statue. poor Jesus, I thought they'd make his little Jesus a bit bigger.

  4. to judithlyn:
    Sounds yummy!
    Let's see when we're both free to go check it out....

    to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    Yay! More places for me to ruin my figure with!

    to juliansi:
    Thanks. See ya.

    to b:
    A chocolate Jesus statue?
    What will they think of next, I wonder.....

  5. Dessert's Bar is strictly average only lah ...

    But I did bump into Pat's mum :-) who was walking by one evening!

    Can even play Jenga ...


  6. check this out. this is so J. It's gotta be on your mp3 player.


  7. to julian si:
    That's nice - haven't seen Auntie (Pat's mum) for a while now.

    to b:
    Sorry - it's not on my MP3 list... first time I've heard it actually! But thanks for pointing it out...

  8. Since this is a Makan Makan site and after reading y'all comments, it has made me crave for NZ Natural. Their whole range of smoothies, shakes and ice creams can truly satisfy. Quality products at reasonable prices and there is just something cool about that place. check out their website too www.nzn.com.my

  9. to anonymous:
    That's so random. Are you some sort of a NZ Natural undercover marketing agent? :)


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