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Izakaya Shuraku @ Solaris, Mont Kiara, KL

Porky Japanese place in Solaris....


Mini language lesson (Japanese):
IZAKAYA (居酒屋):

A type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks... food is usually more substantial than that offered in bars or `snack bars`.... popular, casual and relatively cheap places for after-work drinking.
(According to


No need to fly all the way to Japan though! :)

One such place in KL is the fairly new Izakaya Shuraku in Solaris Mont Kiara, located on the 2nd floor just above the Maybank (in the front corner shoplot, facing the main road):
Look out for the Maybank...

The entrance up is pretty low key - blink and you'll miss it:
Through the doorway and 2 flights up (or take the lift)...

As for the restaurant interior, it's fairly small but feels cosy,... with a simple but markedly Japanese decor...
(Would really recommend calling ahead to book a table, especially if you have a larger group)
Cosy interior...

There is a pretty good range of lighter food, as well as a few rice (eg. donburi) and noodle (eg. ramen) dishes....

We started off with the Salmon tataki with goma dressing (RM 35++):
Platter of yumminess...

This was one of the more expensive dishes but oh man, was it worth it!:
- Fresh salmon slices, lightly seared on one side, still pink on the other,
- matched with a fragrant, thick sesame sauce.

Bliss! And feels so guilt free too. :)
(As much as I usually stay away from sashimi/ raw seafood - I'm generally afraid of any potential fishy smell and don't like the texture.... I would definitely order this again!)

Next up, the Pork tonkatsu (RM 15++):
Deep fried pork...

As you can see, my friends are attacking the pork in the background *lol* - it disappeared quickly after being served. :)

Although it could have been just a little bit more tender, it was very good considering how dry and stringy deep fried meat dishes can be at some other places...

Also, it was beautifully crisp and flakey on the outside and went really well with the mix of hot mustard+japanese mayo+sweet sauce served on the side.

Saba shioyaki (RM 15++):
Grilled mackerel...

Unagi kabayaki (RM 22++):

Both are classic offerings at any Japanese restaurant. Here, they were done pretty well:
- Mackerel was fairly tender but just slightly too salty,
- Grilled eel was tender and not too sweet (yay!).

Tori garlic (RM 14++):
The Garlic Chicken...

This came super highly recommended by Pat, and ok - while it was not FANTASTIC, it's pretty darn good:
- Crispy, tender chunks of chicken,
- topped with fragrant and crunchy slices of garlic.

Tori no Nasu No Zibuni (RM 14++):
Chicken Stewed with Eggplant...

Overall, this was pretty nice:
- Wholesome, slightly thick broth with an undertone of wasabi, and
- the chicken and eggplant pieces were wonderfully tender.

Garlic fried rice (RM 7++):

Strange - Pat warned me that they served this dish very slowly (2 out of 2 times that he had been there) and yup, they took really long that night too.
(Talk about consistency! *lol*)

Still, it was yummy.... It just would have been nice if I received it somewhere around the same time as all the main dishes rather than almost at the end of the meal...

Goma ice cream (RM 8++):
My black sesame ice cream...

Chocolate Baileys ice cream (RM 11++)
Chocolate ice cream with Baileys ...

They don't have much in terms of dessert there, just a selection of ice creams. Overall, both ice creams that we tried that night were nice, but the Chocolate Baileys ice cream really rocked:
- Chocolate ice cream with a dash of Baileys Irish Cream, topped with a sprinkling of crispy cornflakes... YUM. :) :)

Japanese food is quite commonly found in KL/ PJ nowadays.... so whilst this type of cuisine is not as "special" anymore, when it's done well... *drool*... gosh, it really stands out.
(Can't wait till I go back to try more of the food!)

So it's: Good selection of porky Japanese options as well as some classic selections in Solaris Mont Kiara, friendly service and cosy ambience BUT interior can be a little bit cramped, and really nothing else bad to say... :)

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Izakaya Shuraku @ Solaris, Mont Kiara, KL

13-2, Jalan Solaris Mont Kiara 1, Solaris Mont Kiara

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 6
Price** : RM 45++ per person
Parking: Limited ***

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
***Try parking inside the Solaris basement parking instead...

Telephone No.: 03-6203 0561
Opening Hours: 6pm - late


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  1. Looks Yummmmm~~ Will go and crave it some day... Thanks for the info.. =) Cheers!

  2. this place still remains a firm favourite for a nice date or a casual dinner.

  3. Pork tonkatsu...I want! Time to pay them a visit. So many things I want to to find time and stomach space? *haih*

  4. to 薇子:
    Hope you will like it when you try. :)
    (If not then you can come back and scold me for a bad recommendation... haha...)

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Hey, maybe I'll bump into you there soon then. :)

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    Step by step my dear. :)
    (Don't worry, I have the same problem too! Haha...)

  5. baileys chocolate ice-cream - with CORNFLAKES!!! must try!!

    if not, DIY!

  6. i wanna go here! take me!!

  7. to j:
    I fear that if I try to make it at home, it will turn out to be Baileys with some chocolate ice cream and cornflakes instead.

    to Ciki girl:
    On - it's a date! ;)

  8. one of my favouritest place to have jap food!

    went to his other place last night - daikanyama..have u tried it?

  9. to Siao Yue:
    Yeah, been to Daika a couple of times. Prefer Shuraku though - esp. because it means I don't have to drive down to the middle of KL.

  10. Rather amusing message

  11. to anonymous:
    Um. Thanks? :)

  12. Hmmm.. hw coem the otr time we were there , no baileys one?
    Im sure i wud have ordered it if there was!

  13. Beggars can’t be choosers.


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