Friday, March 26, 2010

No Ghosts Allowed!

Ghostbusters(?) on a happy Friday....

Spotted in Bukit Bintang (a few weeks back):
*sings "Who's afraid of that ghost? Da da da da da dah... dadadadadaDAH...."*

I have no idea who put that up there or why, but it definitely brightened up my day. :)
(Nice way to cheer up during a traffic jam!)

Happy Friday!


PS/ I actually sent this in for the Star newspaper thumbnails contest, hoping to win RM50... but I guess it's not special enough. BLEH. *pout*

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  1. LOL. alilfatmonkey tweeted this be4. not sure if its same plc tho

  2. Hahahaha, I spotted this somewhere else before and yes TNG is right, I twitpic it too.

    Saw mine on Penchala Link

  3. Aiseh u deserve the 50 bucks lar, BRILLIANT!

  4. To mind3vils: haha.. It definitely brightened up my day when I saw it :)

    To TNG and qwazymonkey: oh,.. So cool! There was more than one? Now I'm really curious why and who put those cute signs up. :)

    To Julian Si: haha... Thanks. But I didn't win loh :( Ooh you can send me a cash prize from the Julian Si photo contest! :) thankyouthankyou...

  5. did you spot Ghostbusters as well???

  6. to thule a.k.a leo:
    I wish I did! That would have been so cool...
    (I loved that movie + also the cartoon when I was younger....)

  7. JulianSi never organise photo contest. And if I did , it would be for FOOD shots :-) or UNDERWATER ones. Muakhahaa ;-)

    ps - Still a great post lar, heheee ... GHOSTbusters!


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