Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Woo Lim Jeong Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Hartamas, KL

Nice Korean BBQ place in Hartamas....

So if you hadn't already heard: One of my favourite Korean places in Hartamas (Bonjuk) is dead and gone...

... but I guess when one door closes, another one opens?

Because from this, me and my lunch buddy (and gorgeous Glamazon friend) Karen stumbled across another nice Korean restaurant just a few doors down:
Woo Lim Jeong (with the red signage), upstairs...

Inside, Woo Lim Jeong Korean BBQ Restaurant (which doesn't sound like a very Korean name, horr?) is simple and cosy. Thankfully, it also did not have the usual smokey BBQ fumes as most other Korean BBQ places (but it could be because it was quite empty when we were there):
Inside the restaurant...

There is a mind boggling array of Korean food there, but after flipping around the menu for a bit, we settled on the Pork lunch set (RM 40+ for 2 ppl).

Here's the pork!:
Harloow delicious piggy slices...

Overall, it was really yummy (fairly tender), slightly sweet and spicy (very appetising) and (unfortunately) went very well with the rice:

Fortunately, they serve an array of vegetables at the side as a healthier option:
Take your pick...

You can have a much healthier DIY korean vegetable roll instead. :)

Of course there were also the obligatory array of Korean side dishes:
Choices aplenty...

We found them all quite yummy, and oh, they had 2 soups served too. One thick kimchi tofu soup and another clear one:
The 2 soups...

To cap off the fairly heavy lunch, the restaurant also threw in a refreshing dessert of watermelon slices and a Ribena-ish berry drink:
Washing down the sinful meal...

All in all, yummy! - What a nice lunch! :)

So, it's: Good variety of yummy Korean food, reasonably price lunch sets!, cosy ambience BUT nothing bad to say except that it's THAT area of Hartamas so if you park in the normal area, the risk of getting parked in by inconsiderate ppl is quite high (YO! If you are going to double park, at least make sure you are within earshot/ sight of your car lah!).....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Woo Lim Jeong Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Sri Hartamas, KL

8-1 (1st floor), Jalan 25/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

Taste: 7
Ambience : 6
Service : 6
Price** : RM 30++ per person
Parking: Limited ***

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
***For less headache, just park at the open air parking lot just behind Devi's Corner...

Telephone No.: 03-6203 9943
Opening Hours:
(Mon – Sat) 12noon to 2.30pm, 4pm to 10.30pm
(Sun) 6pm to 10.30pm


- Feed Me Lah

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  1. Korean BBQ can only be done for dinner. I don't like to smell like my meal after lunch. LOL

  2. woww this is just nearby my office. Love your food/restaurant review. Keep it up!

    ps: if you need any teman can ask me! i love to eat ;) (thick face! lol)

  3. woww this is just nearby my office. Love your food/restaurant review. Keep it up!

    ps: if you need any teman can ask me! i love to eat ;) (thick face! lol)

  4. That area really flooded by Korean restaurant hor..

  5. to qwazy monkey:
    I understand your sentiments. I think I would be very distracted at work if my clothes+hair smelt like yummy Korean BBQ meat.

    to Crystal Hew:
    Thanks for the compliment - it's very encouraging.. :)
    (Ok. Maybe one day we meet for lunch. But dunno when. *sigh* Work is crazy lately)

    to mind3vils:
    And Japanese restaurants too!
    I guess we have to thank the expat community in Mont Kiara for that.
    (It's all supply and demand!)

    Still, we benefit from having lots of choice so it's good, right? :)

  6. yums! Me love my Korean at SS2, so far the best deal!
    Lots of bachan, free steamed eggs, and dessert.

  7. yummy! (that's wot i kept reading :P) haha

  8. to tng:
    Ooh. Which one is SS2? Is it Korean House? But you can try this place for lunch too - 20 bucks per person is quite worth it. :)

    to Ciki:
    Haha... :)
    Yummy is such a blissful word isn't it? I love it.

  9. normally I'd get my Korean BBQ fix at Daorae :) and I have not been to Hartamas for ages!!!

  10. to thule a.k.a leo:
    Ooh. I love Daorae too. :) :)
    (And one of the restaurant managers is quite cute too - a little eye candy helps to make a meal better. Haha....)


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