Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sayonara Cova

Yet another one bites the dust.....

I loved Cova for its yummy salads, but didn't go there for a couple of months...

Then, the next thing I know, I go to meet some friends for dinner at TGIF Gardens and I suddenly realise: "Hey, isn't this located exactly where Cova used to be??"

Boo hoo. It's gone!!
(Here is my original review... Not that it matters anymore, but just for the record... *sigh*)


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  1. I liked the place too... but as I recall they never did have an online presence like website or facebook page. I am not sure what they were doing in the Marketing Department (or whether they even bothered to do marketing at all)... but I really didn't see them anywhere. So if people can't find you or don't know about you...

    ... sad... F&B is such a tough industry.

  2. to Frat:
    Yeah man. F&B is a really tough industry. :(
    (So many restaurants with good food+concept have failed because of other reasons....)

  3. Yup.. remember that they did promotion on beer buffet that I absolutely love.. despite never been there once!! hahahaha..
    what to do? if they can't even sustain their operational cost, better off close down rather than incur more loss right???

  4. to thule aka leo:
    How can you love it so much but have never gone there before??

    to ciki:
    We must make a list and check it twice and then start going to new restaurants to makan quickly! :(

  5. i've read some good reviews about this place when the gardens first opened its door. didn't get a chance to try...but ok la, i should be optimistic and see what's going to occupy this space. hokkien mee! *fingers crossed* haha!

  6. I heard good stuffs abt their cakes!
    And i knw for sure they engaged bloggers before for food review (No i want one of them) but that;s how i read abt it.
    Guess promo/mktg should be an ongoin thing not jsut one off.
    Havin said tht, some plc w less appealin grub survives. So my take is, it's prob the usual case of owners/partners dispute or its financial.

  7. to Nic(KHKL):
    So far, now it's just TGIF that's taken over Cova's old spot but I'm with you! I totally wish it was BKT instead....
    *fingers crossed too*

    to thenomadGourmand:
    I guess we'll never know for sure...
    *sigh* All thats sure is that now there is one less place in KL for nice salads and cakes! :(


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