Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sayonara Cova

Yet another one bites the dust.....

I loved Cova for its yummy salads, but didn't go there for a couple of months...

Then, the next thing I know, I go to meet some friends for dinner at TGIF Gardens and I suddenly realise: "Hey, isn't this located exactly where Cova used to be??"

Boo hoo. It's gone!!
(Here is my original review... Not that it matters anymore, but just for the record... *sigh*)


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  1. I liked the place too... but as I recall they never did have an online presence like website or facebook page. I am not sure what they were doing in the Marketing Department (or whether they even bothered to do marketing at all)... but I really didn't see them anywhere. So if people can't find you or don't know about you...

    ... sad... F&B is such a tough industry.

  2. to Frat:
    Yeah man. F&B is a really tough industry. :(
    (So many restaurants with good food+concept have failed because of other reasons....)

  3. Yup.. remember that they did promotion on beer buffet that I absolutely love.. despite never been there once!! hahahaha..
    what to do? if they can't even sustain their operational cost, better off close down rather than incur more loss right???

  4. i have not even eaten here!

  5. to thule aka leo:
    How can you love it so much but have never gone there before??

    to ciki:
    We must make a list and check it twice and then start going to new restaurants to makan quickly! :(

  6. i've read some good reviews about this place when the gardens first opened its door. didn't get a chance to try...but ok la, i should be optimistic and see what's going to occupy this space. hokkien mee! *fingers crossed* haha!

  7. I heard good stuffs abt their cakes!
    And i knw for sure they engaged bloggers before for food review (No i want one of them) but that;s how i read abt it.
    Guess promo/mktg should be an ongoin thing not jsut one off.
    Havin said tht, some plc w less appealin grub survives. So my take is, it's prob the usual case of owners/partners dispute or its financial.

  8. to Nic(KHKL):
    So far, now it's just TGIF that's taken over Cova's old spot but I'm with you! I totally wish it was BKT instead....
    *fingers crossed too*

    to thenomadGourmand:
    I guess we'll never know for sure...
    *sigh* All thats sure is that now there is one less place in KL for nice salads and cakes! :(


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