Sunday, March 07, 2010

Siem Reap Photos (Part 4)

Desktop holiday for you: Asian Edition - happy days travelling with friends in beautiful Siem Reap (Part 4)....

Last but definitely not least, in my set of Siem Reap photos: THE Angkor Wat....

We woke up REALLY early one day to get there in time for the sunrise. As usual, there were lots of people (although the tour guide pointed out that this is considered a relatively small crowd):
Mini horde.....

We had lots of fun taking photos of the beautiful backdrop and changing colours:
Oooh.... *snap-snap*.....

The pond was a bit of a mess (quite a lot of algae) but the lilies were pretty:
One of the water lilies in the pond.....

We actually visited another time, during the daytime. Here's one of the guardian lions(?) on the outside:

The main entrance into Angkor Wat, after the walkway over the large moat:
The way in.....

Beautiful carvings of dancers:
The palace dancers.....

Also, quite a lot of statues inside:

We finally made our way to the inner part of the temple:
The inner sanctum.....

It's kinda mean, but we were gawking+laughing at this crazy girl:
Um. Nice shoes?.....

LOOK AT HER SHOES! *shocked/amazed*:
Fashion victim?.....

On one hand, I question her choice to wear a mini skirt and high heeled shoes to a place filled with uneven stone paths, steep narrow stairways and generally tricky flooring....

... but on the other hand: WOW O_O!... I envy her inhumanly keen sense of balance - she could probably give Catwoman a run for her money...


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  1. We have wondered quietly how those Hindus were so Xquisite in their long long ago building designs, like this Wat and that Borobudur, and that slim woman-girl sure looks cute with the Pattaya legwear

  2. Phwar....skirt damn short wei!

  3. that chick wiv the shoes.. ur fren ar? how come she posey posey all for you ar? hahaha.. i wanna walk behind her up the stairs and sneeze :P

  4. to bsg:
    Cute but funny loh... Haha...
    (It's completely not the right place to be dressed like that)

    to unka leong:
    Yeah, we were pretty amazed too! :)

    to ciki:
    Haha.. No way that she's our friend because if she was we would have left her at the hotel!
    (How lah if she trip and fall down the stairs? Sure die wan)

  5. I just watched the documentary about Angkor Wat on National Geographic a few nights ago. It was an amazing feat to build such a marvellous architecture in ancient time using primitive technology!!!
    Hopefully my next year's trip will include Siem Reap...

  6. to thule a.k.a leo:
    Do go! It's such a beautiful place... :)
    (Be ready for a tough walk though...)


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