Thursday, March 25, 2010

Melaka Road Trip (Part 3)

I finally tried out the famous Malaccan Satay Celup! :)....

It's amazing how a shop can go from this:
(Still closed)
*lol* Funny signage...

To this:
(OK lah, quite packed but still some tables available)
Onwards! To the sate celup!...

And then THIS:
Apparently the line can be even longer during long weekends...

*still shocked*

Anyway, we were lucky to get there at juuuust the right time and snapped up one of the last 2 available tables in this simple restaurant:
Don't expect elegance...

I had never tried the famous Malaccan Satay Celup (Literal translation: Meat skewers Dipped?) but had heard so much hype about how great it is that I was almost a bit afraid.
(These touristy places hardly ever meet up to the hype!)

Still, I tried to keep an open mind. :)

Anyway, this is how it works:
1) After acquiring a table, a (gruff!) waitress will saunter over and start up the fire for the pot filled with Satay sauce.
(Don't worry - they change to a fresh pot every time, and do not reuse as far as I can tell)
"Kah lieu!" (Add goodies)...

2) She will then add in more chopped peanuts and chilli flakes (you can ask for as much or little as you want) into the sauce:
Mix mix mix...

3) At any time, you can help yourself to the array of skewered meats, seafood, vegetables, etc available in the chiller at the corner:
(RM 0.60 per skewer only!)
Choices, choices...

4) Wait for the Satay sauce to start boiling then pop in the skewers of your choice:

5) Wait impatiently for it to cook, with the fragrant smell of the peanut-ty sauce wafting and teasing your olfactory senses.

6) (When the food is cooked) Eat!:

You can repeat steps 3) to 6) as many times as you want till the shop closes. Note that if you are seated at the front tables, there will be a long line of agitated, hungry people giving you "the look"....
(Haha... We felt the laser-like glares as we ate. Oh well....)

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I liked the food at Capitol.

It wasn't fantastic but it was pretty darn good**. Generally, the skewers of meat/ seafood were fresh and went well with the sweet+nutty+slightly spicy sauce.
(** To be fair, I'm not sure I would say the same if I had been one of those who had to line up for > half an hour just to get a table)

The waitresses also come by periodically with extra trays of "the good stuff" that you can take if you want. For example, this poor prawn:

It was a bit messy to eat but was definitely yummy! :D

My favourite that evening were the stuffed pork balls that we got from the chiller though - SO GOOD.
(Really! Very fragrant and meaty...)

So, it's: Yummy array of skewered meat/ seafood/ etc at really affordable prices BUT can be quite uncomfortable - hot, noisy, packed (you have to keep your expectations in check please), service is slightly gruff and be ready to wait pretty long for a table!.....

Summary Information:
Capitol Satay Celup @ Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka

Opening Hours: 5pm till late (Closed on Mondays)
Phone: 06-283 5508/ 012-229 5505
Address: No. 41, Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka



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  1. Satay celup has an issue with the cleanliness...

  2. I usually have 3 plates of white bread to soak up the satay celup sauce. LOL

  3. It's RM0.80 now. The longest queue I have ever seen was one more shop lot than the one you snapped. Hehe.

    Hope you don't mind me correcting you a little. You don't call/name a food Malaccan Satay Celup, Malaccan Chicken Rice Ball and etc.

    It should be just Malacca Satay Celup, Malacca Chicken Rice and etc. Malaccan means the people of Malacca.

  4. to thule a.k.a leo:
    Erm... doesn't almost all Malaysian food? Haha...
    (Hopefully whatever that doesnt kill you will just make you stronger?)

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    Wah. 3 plates ah? You lucky thing to be blessed with such good metabolism weiiiii.... :)

    to JasonMumbles:
    Hmmmm? *blur*
    You mean it doesn't work like "Italian sausage"?

    OMG.. O_O
    You mean all this time I have been referring to an Italian person's sausage and NOT sausage from Italy when I say "I love Italian sausage"?

  5. damm! i just wish kl have satay celup too, just cant take my eyes off every time see ppl post about i~t~

  6. Not sure about that. Probably its fine for a country but maybe not the state?

    You don't say Ipohian Dim Sum or Penangite Char Kueh Teow, right? Haha.

    Maybe I am wrong. Maybe some can some cannot. Hehe. Maybe I should find out. Haha.

  7. to taufulou:
    haha. Well sorry to b one of the ppl torturing u with sate celup photos... :p
    but hey, Melaka is not so far away! You can do a day trip, right? :)

    to JasonMumbles:
    Haha... Maybe.
    Quickly go learn n then come teach me, Mr Mumbles! :)
    thank u......

  8. i hear ppl double dip and then they use back the same sauce. It's pretty darn disgusting :P hehe

  9. to Ciki:
    Can that be the secret to why the sauce is so delicious?? Haha....

  10. You bet it is lor... combination of multitasting saliva ftw! haha!

  11. to §pinzer:
    WAH. YUMMY. :P

  12. Hello JQ! I was "researching" satay celup when I stumbled upon your blog.

    This particular dish has always managed to elude me when I am home for hols, so this year I'm determined to eat it!

    BTW I bet you drew some sniggers when you said you were looking for Italian Sausage - which is the grammatically correct term - in both contexts.

  13. to Clement:
    Heya there Clem! :)
    Sooooo, will you be bringing back your gf to meet everyone this round?

    Well, thanks for stumbling here and leaving a comment. Hope you enjoy the sate celup when you go Melaka. When will you be back lah? Let's catch up, ok? :)

  14. I love satay celup and I have my fix at least once a week … I have tried all the shops, Capitol, McQuek and Ban Lee Siang and I used to think Capitol was great until I chanced upon a new shop called Satay Celup Nyonya at Taman Melaka Raya, towards Dataran Pahlawan. Their sauce is a little tangy and sweet and it taste just great. Looking back, I think all the other shops’ sauce taste bland in comparison to this nyonya style. Go try and judge it for yourself … Bon Appetit!! … and check out their website (I had a hard time to suss their website out)

  15. To anonymous: oh cool. Thanks for the tip... Will check it out the next time I'm in Melaka... :)

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