Thursday, March 04, 2010

Language Lesson

J is a bag full of fail sometimes....

Cantonese saying:
"Lor lei chein" used as a part of "Lei chee-kei lor lei chein"...

(Rough) Translation:
"You yourself taking terrible", which sort of means "Hey, you were asking for it*"

Case in point:
Thinking that I was ok enough to talk to my ex...
(I bumped into him at the gym)
Standing there, brain on auto pilot - trying to do the casual catch up chit chat routine...

... and realising that I was crossing my arms (not good body language!) and my chit chat did not sound casual and friendly (it sounded kinda BRISTLY)...
Random photo!: J in Karen's fluffy bear paw slippers (contextually relevant because J can be quite a cartoon sometimes)...

And even worse, as much as I tried to correct all this, I couldn't **.
=_= <----Fail

Oh, and WORST still, 1 week later, he smses me to wish me Happy CNY and I smsed back "Thanks, you too. :) Btw, who is this?" so he probably thinks that I am a petty human being who purposely deleted his number.
(I didn't! I lost a lot of phone numbers accidentally when I changed to a new phone... I only realised it was his number after staring at it for a really long time later on and then it hit me! - awkward!***)


* Generally "it" does not refer to anything pleasant.
** I kept crossing my arms unknowingly, then caught my self doing it and uncrossed my arms X4, within a span of roughly 5 minutes - siao, right? Haha....
*** Which is better? Apologise or ignore? Dunno....

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  1. U still care for him? Maybe there's a chance to start again after time apart :-)

    Does ignoring make you happy? Let your heart lead the course.

  2. long di, Forget!
    come we go makan! ;p

    seriously tho, its fine. dont think too much into it.

  3. to Ciki:
    Yes maam! :)
    (Sounds like good advice!)

    to henri:
    Heart and head have different messages tho.
    (Head says: "Don't be stupid", Heart sings: "I can't liiiivvve, if living is without yoooouuu...." -Boy am I a confused bunny)

    to thenomadGourmand:
    Yay! *hugs* Food helps the soul heal, right? :)

    If not then maybe some alcohol?

  4. Its ok, we stil love you! :) TT

  5. to anonymous TT
    Who's "we"??
    =_= <--- *still emo*

    (Mum, is that you? You and dad don't count. You're both genetically predisposed to love me...)

  6. Being together should make one happier than in a single self. Be it traditional or romantic, despite modernity, the guy should always do the legwork because women are ultimately the fairer sex (even so in the ideal calls for equality in all aspects).

    So, stand your ground and wait till a guy worthy of you swoon you over again!

    You have an interesting blog here.

  7. to Henri:
    Thanks.... :)
    Glad you like it. Please come by more often to comment! - I like how u think!
    (if u know any swoon worthy single guys who think like u please send them this way too. Me n my single girl friends would be most grateful...)

  8. I stil love you.....TT :)

  9. to anonymous tt:
    You do? Well thanks I guess :)
    (hmmm do I know u tt?)


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