Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Melaka Road Trip (Part 4)

Ending the day at Jonker Street....

So confusing wan. =_=

What I found out: Jonker street is not really Jonker Street - its name (now) is Jalan Hang Jebat.
(Sheesh - how different is that??)

Anyway, we ended our day trip by checking out the famous Jonker Street night market:
Still early...

(The Market's Opening Hours: Fri to Sun and Public Holidays, 6pm to 12midnight)

Whilst some of shophouses in that area close early (boooo...), there are still quite a few left for you to browse through, as well as an array of market stalls in the street - selling anything from souveniers to bags to clothes (we even spotted a lingerie stall!):
A funny tshirt that we saw...

There was also a stage at one end of the road where they regularly have performances (I think it was supposed to be some sort of singing and lion dance performance the night we were there, but we didn't stick around long enough to find out):
Small crowd waiting for the performance to start...

Of course, as with any other night market in Malaysia, there was a wide array of shops and stalls serving food.
(Anything from noodles to satay to biscuits, etc)

Unfortunately, we were all still kinda full from all the eating throughout the day.... but with the warm and humid weather, we couldn't resist trying out the ice cool sherbert from this stall, modestly named Perfect Ice:
So many flavours...

There was quite a variety of fresh fruit flavours (priced around RM3? per cup, sorry no receipt!) and the friendly sherbert stall uncle explained that he makes them freshly everyday. He even told us we could mix and match flavours if we wanted:
(Since we were having trouble deciding which to choose)
Scoops of yummy icey sherbert...

Here's my lovely (crazy eyed) model Jo-lyn presenting our sherberts - Berry (the purpleish sherbet) and Lychee mixed with Passion Fruit (the orange sherbert):

Yummy. :) :)

Truthfully, the Berry sherbert was a little too sweet (I almost bounced off the walls later from a sugar high)... but the Lychee-Passionfruit was perfect (sweet against slightly sour) and they were both incredibly refreshing.

Obviously with such an array of different flavors (there's even a DURIAN sherbert - ewwww.....), there will be some that you like and some that you won't... Still, if I'm ever in the area again, this is definintely on my "To Eat" list - want to try out the other sherberts. :)
(Hmmm... if only he would come up with an alcoholic margarita sherbert... )

So, it's: Market stall selling a yummy array of fruity sherberts at affordable price BUT beware! some flavours may be too sweet.....

Summary Information:
Perfect Ice sherbert stall @ Jalan Hang Jebat, Melaka

Opening Hours: (Fri - Sun) 6pm till late
Phone: -
Address: Somewhere on Jalan Hang Jebat (aka. Jonker Street), Melaka



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  1. Fuhh.... Jonker Street!! Haven't actually walked on it for more than 12 years... hahhahaha!

  2. Last time Melaka was heavenly for good authentic food. We heard most of the badder ones have gone to KL allreadi, like Sri Melaka ( true ah ?). But Melaka still got mystical memories of Hang Tuah and Hang Li Po so still quite perfect. Especially when Parameswara met his women. :D

  3. to thule a.k.a leo:
    Time for a mini holiday then! Jalan-jalan and makan-makan in Melaka...

    to thebaDderMen:
    Yeah, its a good combination of culture/ history and yummy food in Melaka. Not sure if the bad/ good ones are mostly in KL already... but for sure the ones that r still in Melaka are rolling around in cash - the lines at the famous places (eg. Chicken rice balls) are super duper long....

  4. To ciki: yeah! And I was so tempted to buy it but didn't want ppl going around reading my chest. Haha...

  5. Nice Jonker. Must try the Miracle kangen water also. Special invitation only. Can be used for drinking, cooking and skin healing. See here

  6. Thanks foг finallу talκing аbout > "Melaka Road Trip (Part 4)" < Liked it!

    Here is my blog post: Oriеntal Residеnce Ваngκoκ Thaіland


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