Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Melaka Road Trip (Part 2)

Chilling out like tai-tais in a beautiful Malaccan hotel.....

It was Jo-lyn who had heard about this interesting place in Melaka, where an old mansion was restored and made into a boutique** hotel by the YTL group.
(** Of course, boutique is just a nicer way to say "expensive", isn't it? Haha...)

At first I was a bit hesitant, wondering "What could be so special about visiting a hotel?"...

... but I wasn't going to argue with the kind driver+owner of the car I was sitting in - lest she decides it would be more convenient to just dump me at the side of the road somewhere:
Outside the hotel...

Anyway, I'm really glad we went there.
- From the beautiful facade of the hotel ...
(Tastefully restored, maintaining it's old world charm)
- to the friendly smiles of the staff...
(So sincere and warm towards these 3 scruffily dressed girls in tshirts, shorts and flip flops? Rare!),
- and the sophisticated yet cosy ambience inside...
(Felt like we were hanging out in a really nice house, not a hotel)

All in all, the perfect combination! :)
The main lobby area...

There were also some really nice touches placed around the hotel lobby, like a congkak set and this jar of sugary biscuits:
(You can help yourself to as much as you want, within reason I guess....)
Jar of goodies!...

Wah! Felt so nostalgic because hadn't seen/ eaten these type of biscuits since I was a kid!:

(Generally these type of biscuits don't taste very nice... but they're really cheerful somehow because of the pretty pastel colours so I like them...)

We decided to test out their afternoon tea, so we were ushered into this really nice lounge area at the side, aptly called The Lounge:
Lounging around...

(Warning: There is VERY limited seating in The Lounge. So, if you want to try the afternoon tea or to just have drinks then it may be better if you call ahead to book a spot)

Nice! - The waitresses were dressed beautifully according to the "theme", in colourful Nyonya kebayas:
One of the waitresses...

The afternoon tea is served daily from 3 - 6pm, and for RM 48++ per person you get
- a selection of cakes,
- scones,
- savoury pastries,
- with your choice of a premium of tea.
The tiers of food...

There's actually quite a lot of food in one serving so we decided to share it between the 3 of us, but had to top up $$ for more drinks.

As there are also alcoholic beverages served all day, I chose that instead - here's my classic Margarita (RM28++):
Healthy or boozed up, you can choose...

(Would have been better if it were just a tad sweeter but not bad - got kick!)

Tastewise, the food was just ok lah... but we were too busy chilling out and enjoying the ambience to nitpick on that. :)

What a nice day - hanging out with my darling girl friends, chit-chatting and generally, daydreaming about how nice it would be if we owned a beautiful home like the Majestic mansion....
(With the obligatory robust bank balance and a handsome husband/ boyfriend too, as a bonus. Haha...)

Here's the closest you'll see of me putting a proper photo of myself on my blog :)
(See Ciki! No "scary" yellow smiley face pasted on....)

So, it's: Gorgeous little hotel (beautifully restored decor/architechture), flawlessly friendly service, nice selection of drinks BUT its a bit expensive! and sad lah, I wish I had RM600 to spare so that I can go check out the rooms there.....

Summary Information:
Afternoon Tea @ Majestic Hotel, Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka

Opening Hours: (Hotel) 24 hours!.(Afternoon tea) 3 - 6pm daily.
Phone: 06-289 8000
Address: 188, Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka 75100, Malaysia

Majestic Hotel website



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  1. Wei! I beg to differ. I LIKE those biscuits (navel cookies?) since I was small. Until now.

    Though they're offered to the spirits more often than not, come Ghost Fest.

  2. What an absolutely charming afternoon you had! I too want to check in there and lounge about the whole day sipping margaritas! These YTL peeps can't seem to do no wrong!

  3. tell me if you want those biscuits.. good thing about small town is that these stuffs are readily available :)
    Ah... if I have good companies, I wouldn't mind sitting there all day too

  4. to J2Kfm:
    Eeee. Didn't think about that! It's a bit creepy now that you mention it tho....
    (Oh, and what can I say? I'm a chocoholic after all so I prefer chocolatey biscuits....*greedy grin*)

    to minchow:
    I wish I could afford what they're doing right tho. =_= *sigh*
    (So far I can only afford to go makan at Hutong and that's it! Haha...)

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    Tempting! I will keep that in mind...

    And yeah - good company is so important! I wish I could have stayed that longer.. and drank more margaritas...

  5. lol, at least ur showing a bit more leg, i mean face:P

    i love the floor tiles. simply gorgeous. and the tiny biscuits are nostalgic. do u peal off the sugar first then only eat the biscuit? i know i do! LOL

  6. to Ciki girl:
    I think I kinda look like a bandit gearing up for a robbery though. Haha...

    Re. the biscuits: They're so tiny I usually just pop the whole thing in my mouth and munch away! :D

  7. my normally cheapskate poopy took me to camerons highland resort also now by YTL and even let me go eat steamboat!!! GO THERE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (can i come too?). Lynn

  8. to Lynn:
    How lah?

    I don't have any kind of poopy (cheapskate or otherwise) to pay for it so the likeliness of me going to a YTL resort anywhere is highly unlikely!
    (Unless just walk in and makan then leave lah. Haha...)
    (When are you back in KL though? We can make a trip up to Camerons for fun - haven't been there in quite a while...)

  9. those biscuits are a part of my childhood. and i always eat it by colors. I buy a small packet to eat every now and then just for memories sake. kinda nostalgic.

    love nyonya kebayas. must get my hands on one. :)

  10. to ToyGirl:
    Oh, please do! I think you would look really good in a kebaya! :)


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