Wednesday, June 16, 2010

B4 Buffet @ Qba, Westin Hotel, KL

Buffet time - Free flow booze and yummy food......

What a night!

Beer (Slightly fizzy alcoholic beverage made from barley)
Barbeque (aka. BBQ, charcoal grilled meat)
Banda (Type of Mexican music)
Bandido (Outlaws!*)
A deliciously fun night out at Qba.

(* No outlaws spotted that night though, as far as I know...)

Ok. So, first up, let's put it out in the open that I did not pay for this meal - it was a kind invitation extended by the lovely Ming of Westin to PureGlutton, Zen and I.
(THANKS for the invite, MING! *waves*)
(Also, THANKS to PureGlutton and Zen for being such good company that night! *waaaaavvvesssss*)

Still, if I had to pay RM 148++ for 4 hours of free flow booze (beer, cocktails, wine) and such yummy food at the Westin KL, I don't think I would mind at all.
(Price is RM 78++ for kids)
Qba sign.....

Anyway, when I received the invite, I suddenly realised that I had never eaten at Qba after all this time,... despite having heard nothing but good things about it from friends who have dined there.
(My bad)

So, needless to say, I was really looking forward to the meal there. :)

Entering the restaurant/ bar through the main lobby area of the hotel, I found its dim lighting and luxe yet cosy furnishing nice, but definitely on the formal side:
Inside Qba.....

The buffet was held in the open air area downstairs though, which was an interesting contrast - (quite) brightly lit and more casual:
The open air section outside.....

The buffet format is only partly traditional (aka. Pre-prepared), with different "stations" ready with a variety of dishes such as Saffron seafood paella and BBQ lamb:

- Chefs ready to help serve you:
Take your pick.....

- Poor (delicious) lamb!

- Lots of sides and sauces to complement your meal:
Choices a-plenty.....

There are also a few stations where the chefs will prepare dishes fresh, and send them over to your table:
*Crack* .....


While we waited for some of our "orders" to arrive, they served us the Seafood Ice Stand (Irish oysters, prawns, mussels) with a few sauces/ dips at the side:
Ice-y platter of fresh seafood.....

Overall, the seafood was good (fresh) and tasted lovely with the dips...

It was (unfortunately) ever so slightly warm outside due to the terribly humid weather we've been suffering lately so we happily sipped on the really refreshing cocktails:
Bright green cocktails.....

There was also wine, draught beer and bottled beer if that's more your cup of tea:

Anyway, the food we ordered from the buffet stations came pretty quickly, here's what we had:

- Arepas (corn cakes):

I guess it was sort of like a South American burger? :)
Anyway, there were yummy - fluffy "buns" with a generous amount of tasty meaty fillings.

- Tacos (chicken, fish or beef):
Typical Mexican food.....

Also yummy. :)
The fillings were tender and deliciously matched with the various sauces wrapped in the soft taco "skin".

- Seafood cocktails (in the glasses) and Ceviche (on the white plate):
South American sashimi?.....

The seafood cocktails (prawn and scallop) were good but the prawn and coconut ceviche ROCKED - fresh slices of prawn, bouncey yet firm, coated in a creamy coconut-ty but slightly sour sauce.
(Usually I dislike raw/ uncooked seafood but I really liked this..)

- Salmon pancakes:
Wah - so BIG!.....

At first I thought that it looked so normal but mmmmmm, after a bite I was won over by the combination of the fragrant and moist piece of grilled salmon atop the fluffy little pancake.

- Saffron Seafood Paella:

I am such a sucker for delicious carbs. :D
The rice was moist and fluffy, bursting with the flavours of herbs and the ample seafood.

- Array of BBQ Meats:
BBQ beef, lamb, etc.....

Of course, there was the other** main highlight of this buffet - the BBQ meats.
(** Other than the alcohol)

Expertly grilled by the chefs, all the meats were tender and tasty, ESPECIALLY the lamb.
(How do you do it Westin?? Time after time, you are awesome when it comes to lamb....)

- Chocolate Mousse with Churro:
Sweetness in little cups.....

I won't lie.
My tummy was threatening to revolt by that point - full to the seams, bulging and complaining, "THINK OF HOW MANY HOURS OF GYM THIS ALL ADDS UP TO, YOU FOOL!"... but how could I say no to dessert?
(A chocolate dessert some more. Impossible for me to say no! Haha...)

Although the accompanying churro was a little too sweet, I really enjoyed the smooth and rich chocolate mousse. A perfect ending to a perfect dinner. :D

We (PureGlutton, Zen and I) tried to make sure we sampled a bit of everything, but there were still some food that we just couldn't fit in anymore.
(Was kinda sad that I had to skip a few of the desserts - was really, truly and entirely too full by then)

So, it's: Wonderful combination of delicious South American food and free flow of yummy cocktails, beers, etc BUT it can be a bit warm sitting in the outside area.....(PS/ You can stay on after dinner to dance off the calories - Qba is like, THE hottest salsa club in town after all)

Summary Information:
B4 Buffet @ Qba Latin Grill, Wine Bar & Cigar, Westin Hotel, KL

Buffet time: Saturdays, 6pm - 10pm
Price: RM 148++ per person (RM 78++ for kids)
Phone: 03-2773 8338
Address: 1st Floor, Qba, Westin Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL, Malaysia.


- kampungboycitygal
- ~Brought up 2 SharE~
- PureGlutton
- My Story~

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  1. It was quite a feast, wasn't it? Too bad u had to rush off so fast! And, remember my lil tip about WHAT to wear next time u go feasting, hehe!

  2. yum yum! yeah 148++ is quite abit hor but then again it is free flow alcohol rite?

  3. to PureGlutton:
    Yeah... if I didn't have to go for the Musical I definitely would have stayed to knock back a few more rounds of tequila with you, Zen and Ming - would have been fun! :)
    (And yes! Next time I will not be to silly to NOT wear loose clothing to a buffet - very important)

    to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Is ok worr... Almost 4 hours of all you can drink booze and the food is nice too! :)
    (Not something I can afford to go to every week but definitely a great treat...)

    to UnkaLeong:
    Si, Senór Leong! Ole!! :D
    (Want to go there to pig out after the Standard Charted KL Marathon?)

  4. >.< missed this outing wid u gals

  5. to babe_kl:
    Don't worry - I think I ate your allocation of the food and more. Haha... Kidding.

    Was a pity you were not there with us :( but I guess there'll always be next time?
    (Wouldnt mind going to Qba again! You want?)

  6. Just looking at the pics make me drool all over again! I have a couple of photos of us, will email to you..can i have your email add.
    From Zen

  7. to Zen:
    What a night! :)
    (Sorry to torture you/ make you hungry with the photos... *lol*)

    Have emailed you already. Looking forward to see the photos. Thanks!

  8. Oh to think I could've been there sampling ceviche!! I may have to go ahead and check it out on my own.

  9. salmon with pancake..never tried before lei~

  10. to minchow:
    And wash it down with some beer and cocktails! Enjoy.... :)

    to taufulou:
    Me too (before that night)! The one at Qba is so yummy tho...

  11. yup heard great stuffs abt this place! Actually I heard good stuffs abt every outlet of Westin!
    Must go try for myself soon! ;p

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  13. to thenomadGourmand:
    Would be a great date night for you and Unka - makan nice dinner then dance the night away at Qba! :)

  14. my tummy almost burst from all that eating. but the buffet is good :)

  15. my tummy almost burst from all that eating. but the buffet is good :)

  16. my tummy almost burst from all that eating. but the buffet is good :)

  17. to kampungboycitygal:
    Me too! - was so full after the buffet but was still wishing I could eat more of the yummy food....
    :) :)

  18. just had mine posted. it was super yummy!

  19. to ai wei:
    Cool! :)
    (Have updated my post with a link to yours)

    And yup yup - it was too yummy! Wish can go again soon....

  20. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  21. to anonymous:
    Well, I guess it depends... Is your blog/ website/ link something to do with food? :)


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