Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Blended Swirl Yoghurt @ Coffee Bean

Refreshing Frozen Yoghurt at Coffee Bean....

Just a short post on a new dessert I came across in Coffee Bean (recommended by my good friend Jo-lyn)....

It has been so, SO hot recently.

Swelteringly, almost unbearably hot. So, it's good if you can indulge in a nice, cooling (and relatively healthy) dessert, right?:
Relatively less sinful dessert ...

I was surprised that these frozen yoghurts served at Coffee Bean were really yummy - tart, not too sweet and creamy enough to satiate any cravings.

There are a variety of flavours available, in 2 serving sizes - small and regular (prices range from RM 6.90+ to 9.90+):
- Classic,
- Banana Caramel,
- Peach Mango,
- Berry'd Treasure, (Tried this. Nice!)
- Pomegranate, (Tried this. Also nice!)
- Black Forest Expresso, (Tried this. Ok - I don't taste any "black forest")
- Caramel Machiato, and
- Matcha Green Tea*.

Most of these come with toppings, but you can add more/different types for a little extra $$....
(* Hmmm, Matcha Green Tea? Matcha already means powdered green tea loh, so it's effectively like naming it "Powdered Green Tea Green Tea".... J <-- *easily amused*)

According to a news article, these frozen yoghurts are only available at 9 selected outlets (but they didn't specify which onesssss). Anyway, I've eaten it at Pavilion and Mont Kiara, and I'm guessing it'll be available in the main branches like Mid Valley, One Utama and Sunway Pyramid....

So, it's: Yummy, relatively healthy, refreshing frozen yoghurt (froyo!) desserts in a variety of flavours, convenient location in most (if not all) major shopping centres BUT the price is not exactly cheap, is it? and small warning: they can be a bit inconsistent in terms of serving size and the added flavouring/ toppings.....

Summary Information:
Blended Swirl Yoghurt @ Coffee Bean (Various locations)

Opening Hours: (approx.) 10am till 10pm
Phone: Various
Address: Various (in most if not all major shopping centres, etc)
(For a full listing of their outlets, click HERE)


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  1. I just had it yesterday! Yums

  2. we had the peach mango too with kelvin & arlene, remember?

    that was nice! but if you can't remember it, then maybe not so nice? heheheh...

  3. to qwazymonkey:
    And so refreshingly healthy too! :D
    (Well, healthier than normal ice cream I guess... )

    to j:
    Oh my goodness I completely forgot about that! I must be getting old.... :)

  4. fuwah.. blended yoghurt at Coffee Bean! No wonder I didn't see the selection in Uptown la.. they didn't offer there I guess

  5. Oh...nice o..? Coffee Bean near my house got sell this yogurt ice-cream ;)

  6. din know yogurt is served in coffee bean ... must go and try it liow

  7. to thule a.k.a leo:
    Well, maybe if it becomes more popular then they will install it in all the outlets... Meanwhile, try the one in One Utama lah - I think they have it there. :)

    to mimid3vils and vialentino:
    Try it try it! :) :)
    Only one way to find out for sure whether you like it or not, and these days are still so hot&humid - great weather for frozen yoghurt...

  8. i think i must have a try with it too^^ thanks for sharing~

  9. Jumping on the bandwagon, this Coffee Bean eh? I wouldn't mind something different for a change, sans the caffeine.

  10. To BB_hwiyee: No problem! Sharing is caring, right? :)

    To J2Kfm: Yeah. Love that they have diversified into these refreshing non caffeinated desserts :) Hope u enjoy it....

  11. J - pls sms me - i lost your no. together with my iphone :-((

  12. to Pureglutton:
    No problem. Hope you feel better soon.... and well, at least now you can console yourself with an Iphone 4g without feeling guilty, right? :)

  13. WOW,this is looking very nice coffee bean .Keep it up.


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