Saturday, June 05, 2010

Karma FTW

Thursday night at No Black Tie for "Hey! That's Not Your Bass!"....

What would you do if you heard that a great musician and nice guy (so I hear) gets mugged by a bunch of mat rempits - thankfully not hurt but losing almost RM 15,000 in equipment?

Well, of course the correct answer would be to organise a mini charity concert to help him out! (... whether or not you know him personally):
19 great acts at No Black Tie ...

It was pretty amazing actually, how everyone chipped in - 19 local musicians (some really established ones too!) and even No Black Tie throwing in the whole venue for no charge!...

I think it was Reza Salleh who organised most of this (since he is the main man behind Moonshine, if I'm not wrong):
*clap-claps* Go Reza! ...

So funny - he quipped about how everyone was teasing* him after that for being such a nice guy.
(* eg. "Hey Reza, I lost my ring lah. Can you organise a fund raiser for me? ", "Hey Reza, I lost my girlfriend lah. Can you organise a fund raiser for me??"...)

Of course, Hiro made a speech to thank everyone ("... family, friends, strangers and future friends." *lol*):

Some of Hiro's friends/ ex-classmates? made some really cute mini guitars (RM 5 each only) to help generate more cash:
(As I can't play an guitar/ piano/ sing to save my life, I could only contribute to Hiro by paying cover charge and buying a mini guitar...)
Kawaii ...

It was a great night out - such good music and for a good cause too**. I just wish I could have stayed on to listen to all the acts... but it was getting to be a bit too far past my bed time on a work night. :(
(** Oh, Hiro/ Reza also mentioned that they will donate part of the proceeds to a children's charity..)

Oh and *waves*: Hi Ruben! What a coincidence - running into you there... :)

Signing out,

PS/ Yes. Karma for the win! - one of the rempits was successfully arrested! (Partly due to his own stupidity... He posted and tried to sell the bass+equipment online, with all his contact info readily provided...)

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