Saturday, June 19, 2010


The power of curiousity, assisted by Google....

For no particular reason, the spring cleaning bug bit again, and I found myself sorting through a load of old photo albums unearthed from a rarely opened closet.

I took a breather to flip through and look at all the old photos, when suddenly an envelope dropped out from the middle of the pages.

>.> "Eh? What's this?", I wondered....

Of course I started reading the letter it contained. From that, I remembered a long lost pen pal/ friend from many years ago - a certain Mr Chan Keng Yew from the Subang(?) area....

Being the curious kitten that I am, the next thing I did was to go and Google him... leading me to this blog...
:) <---- J the detective wannabe...

I wonder if its really your blog, Mr Chan....

... or maybe it's just a coincidence?
Another guy with the exact same name from Malaysia, who also happens to like Marilyn Manson? Nah... it's most probably you.... :)

Sadly, it does look like the blog hasn't been updated for pretty long though... so I guess I'm not sure if I'll ever find out.... I do wonder how're you doing after all these years though....

So, if you ever stumble across this post:
*WAVES* Hi, Mr Chan! :) How are you?

Overly optimistic?,

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  1. And I'm waving back! Sorry realized u takde email add for vodka guzzling session! Am embarrased at my gung ho-ness!

  2. It's ok. Oh and I emailed u at chindiana@gmail. Is that your email ah? It was in one of your posts....

  3. ... and btw: I wave at one person and another person waves back? *LOL* Still, am not complaining... but I guess my aim is not so good horr?


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