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Bak Kut Teh (BKT) @ Restoren Lai Choon, Klang

A trip to try the much loved (porky) Malaysian dish, Klang Bak Kut Teh....

First of all, apologies! - either we were not given the receipt or it was lost, so I don't have the exact prices.... I remember it cost about RM 17 per medium sized claypot of BKT though, if my memory hasn't failed me...

Anyway, moving on...
(YAY! I finally went to Bak Kut Teh Land (aka. Klang) after such a long time!)

Lai Choon is one of the popular Bak Kut Teh (BKT) restaurants in Klang, starting off from a humble stall in a nearby coffeeshop (about 10 years ago?) and now occupying a shophouse of their own, near the Klang Parade area:
Packed on a Saturday morning ...

As you can see, it's so popular that their patrons are spilling out onto the sidewalk area!

Inside, it's like any other coffeeshop style restaurant - crowded and kinda noisy, but hey, it all adds into that unique Malaysian dining experience:
Many people around, waiting for a table...

I have heard it can be very hard to get a table here but I was lucky my friends came quite early and got a table. :)

Ahhhh..., Chinese tea...

It is said (fabled, more like) that if you drink enough of it, it can "wash away" the oils and fats from the BKT... but I suspect that it's just an excuse concocted by babitarians* so that they can happily pig out on yummy BKT as often as they want:
(Apparently many Klang-ites eat BKT for breakfast almost everyday!)
(*Yes, I realise this is not a "real" word. Haha....)
Cup of goodness ...

Still, it's a great accompanying beverage with the sinful BKT, and you can keep yourself all tea-d up just in case it really is that miraculous. Just help yourself to the kettles of boiling water placed around the restaurant to top up your table's teapot:
Caution - hot! ...

Here's a look at where the magic happens:
Food sorcery in progress...

Despite being really packed, we didn't have to wait very long for our BKT to arrive.

Mmmmmmm..... :D
Steaming hot thick, soup... fragrant with the taste of herbs and that sweetness from the lovingly cooked pork, with lots of (pretty) tender chunks of meat** and some mushrooms, tofu and vegetables thrown into the claypot for good measure:
(**Or piggy spare parts - up to you to specify when you order)
Steaming bowl of BKT ...

Of course, you MUST order some Yau Char Kwai (deep fried crullers?) - dip into the soup till it reaches your preferred level of "crispy vs juicy from absorbed soup" and chomp away:
Deep fried batter is yummy...

There is also the option of ordering some vegetables as a side dish, to make you feel like you are having a healthy meal:
Veggies are good for you ...

Overall, the veggies were fresh, simple but tasty, and a nice balance against the sinful BKT. :)

Another meaty option that they serve there is the Dry BKT:
Chunky meaty dry BKT...

The chunks of meat were really tender and coated with a fragrant, sweet-ish and slightly spicy black sauce that had strips of yau yee (dried cuttlefish) in it.

It was delicious but still, if I had to choose between that and the classic BKT, I can't help but to choose the yummy soupy BKT. It's just such great heart-warming(/clogging?) soul food.

Oh, one thing that really stood out (to me) was the EVIL deep fried shallots that they served in a jar (placed on every table). You sprinkle some of your rice, mix it in and before you know it you'll have accidentally inhaled the tasty mix and asking for seconds:
Someone stop me - it's just too delicious!...
I don't go to Klang often enough to be able to say confidently that this is the best BKT in town but in any case, I really enjoyed the BKT at Lai Choon. :)
(Now, if only it wasn't an hour away from my house... *wail*)

So, it's: Yummy Hokkien style (thick!) Bak Kut Teh as well as interesting alternatives (dry bkt) in Klang, reasonable pricing BUT can be fairly uncomfortable - hot, noisy, packed (because it's very popular), hard to find a table and parking.....

Summary Information:
Bak Kut Teh (BKT) @ Restoren Lai Choon, Klang

Opening Hours: Tues to Sunday 7am till 2pm
Phone: 012-652 1659
Address: 116, Jalan Pekan Baru Off Jalan Meru, Klang (Near Klang Parade)


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  1. no one is going to stop u when it comes to bkt, they probably join u!

  2. at the moment my fav BKT is Mo Sang Kor in Berkeley Park but since it's quite far away, I settled for Pao Xiang at 1 Utama Shopping Centre

  3. the ultimate stomach comforting food, especially as a first meal of the day! slurps!

  4. i've still not eaten bkt at klang, but every time i read a post about it, i think about taking a drive there some weekend. but then i realize i'm just too lazy to wake up early enough and battle traffic there. still, it looks really mouthwatering! :D

  5. I have not tried this particular shop but it looks pretty authentic, hehe!
    Come, J, I take u to my all-time favourite BKT in Klang la!

    aka Pureglutton

  6. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Well, the more the merrier anyway, right? :D

    to thule aka leo:
    I haven't tried both! - Now my list of places to eat is getting waaaay too long...

    to sc:
    Yup! :)
    It's definitely a luverly way to start the day!

    to Sean:
    We should all make a trip down! Still many more "famous" BKT places in Klang on my to do list. Do you have a GPS tho? :)

    to Raynebow:
    Ooh ooh... *jumps up and down excitedly*
    Sounds like a great plan! When are you free? :)

  7. OK, we shall plan :-)) Saturdays should be good.
    Will contact u, hehe!

  8. ahhh..

    i think seriously must travel to Klang for a nice BKT d..

  9. to PureGlutton:
    Cool! :) ttyl....

    to taufulou:
    You must, Mr Taufu!
    (Malaysian) Life is not complete without a pilgrimage to the land where BKT was created... ;P

  10. I am impressed!! A Klang BKT that I haven't tried ... thats actually good!?

    Must go :-)

    Thanks, J!

  11. I am impressed!! A Klang BKT that I haven't tried ... thats actually good!?

    Must go :-)

    Thanks, J!

  12. to Julian Si:
    How can? Faster go try - if not, your "been there, eaten that" bkt list will not be complete! :P

  13. to KY:
    Sorry to torture you but hey, it's lunch time right now! So you can go out and fix your hunger. :)

  14. wow.. you actually go to the only one that i know how to drive to.. and still get lost.. lol =P

  15. to sooj:
    haha.. Is this your usual Klang BKT place? :)


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