Monday, June 28, 2010

Identity Crisis

One person's delusion is another's amusement :)....

Some questions/ thoughts came to mind as I was walked past this car the other day:
EH? ...

What kind of questions?
Well, for example:
- Is it possible that a Proton knocked up a Mitsubishi, and it gave birth to a Proton Mitsubishi Saga?
- It cannot be that I am only one who noticed that 1 is completely not in line with 2 and 3, right? ........So, how is it that the owner of the car doesn't realise this??

Anyway, HAPPY MONDAY! :)

Baffled (but amused),

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  1. That's hilarious, but you know, proton models are basically rehashed Mitsubishi designs. So yea.

  2. LOL. Maybe somebody is taking the one Malaysia concept a bit too far. Have a nice week, J.

  3. hah ! Nice meeting you the other night.

    I once saw a immitation jersey from Thailand, that has Nike on the front and Adidas on the shoulders.

  4. to qwazymonkey:
    True... but I can't stick a Lancome sticker on a Lóreal moisturizer and perform just as well, right? :)

    to Paranoid Android:
    ...or maybe he was under the impression that he could increase the car's power just by sticking the word "Mitsubishi" on it? Haha...

    Hope you have a great week too! :)

    to Chaokar:
    Nice meeting you too! :)

    re. the Nike-Adidas hybrid jersey: Hahahahaha. Maybe if you see properly, at the back has the word "Reebok", and also "Puma" pasted on the sleeves?

  5. you ain't see nothing yet my dear :)
    if you drive around KL long enough, you would notice Saga (or what we call BLM - Base Line Model) with Subaru Impreza bodykit, also with customised Audi bodykit... lol!!
    That's not worse... I had actually seen Myvi & Toyota Camry with BMW front bumper (who could ever miss the signature grill in front?)... Proton Waja where the owner actually bought a pair of 5-Series headlight onto his car... but the back still distinctively Proton..

    Malaysia BOLEH!!!

  6. to thule aka leo:
    I guess they are trying so hard to create unique "fusion" cars? :)

    Actually, to me if they paste whatever extra bodykits or what not is still not so bad. The funniest is when people stick a completely different car brand or model on their car (like the one in the photo!).. I think I have seen a Proton Type-R Evolution before too.... :)

  7. How about this?

    Where can I get a beauty like this?

  8. to FratMustard:
    ROFL. :D

    Sorry Frat, that one is impossible to buy because it's obviously a super special, only one in the world, special vintage edition... and I'm sure the current owner would never part with such a rare gem!

  9. dun y many protons love to imitate mitsubishi...

  10. to vialentino:
    I guess some of the Proton & Mitsubishi models shapes look similar?... but doesn't mean it's the same thing loh, right?... :)


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