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Indulge @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ

Convenient location and beautifully presented food at reasonable prices....

We ate SO much food that night (well, it was a fairly big group) so I'll try to keep it short....

Simple facade, located in the fairly new Tropicana City Mall in PJ:
(Specifically, Indulge is on the first floor right next to Esquire Kitchen/ the escalators)
Outside of the restaurant....

Loved the cheerful and brightly lit interior - happy yellows balanced with white and wood tones:
Comfy and cheerful interior....

- Fresh Mushroom Cappuccino (RM 12+):
The mushroom soup....

At first we were confused how the fresh mushrooms with fluffy white foam could be considered a soup, but the waiter came over with the little pot of hot mushroom soup and combined it into the dish.

The result? : YUM! Robust and creamy.
Just remember to mix it well, if not you will get a layer of tasteless but texturally interesting foam, thick mushroom soup and chunks of tasty mushrooms in 3 separate layers.

- French Onion Soup (RM 9+):
The Onion Soup....

This sweet, clear soup topped with a soft layer of bread and a nice crusty, cheesy top layer was nice but paled in comparison to the mushroom soup.
(Not it's fault, really. Just that I thought the mushroom soup was really good)

- Melon Salad (RM 16+):
Very healthy melon salad....

Simple and refreshing - balls of sweet rock melon and water melon and fresh greens matched with a sweet/ sour balsamic dressing.

- Nachos (RM 18+):
Bowl of crispy nachos....

Nothing really wrong with this but it failed to impress. Felt like 18 bucks (well, almost 20 after the service charge) was a bit expensive for this simple bowl of nachos with the requisite salsa, sour cream and guacamole dips at the side.

- Beef Burger (RM 15+):
Juicy burger....

Amazingly priced - 15 bucks for a darned big, tasty and JUICY beef burger served with a small salad and some french fries.
(I thought that the beef patty had a slightly sweet taste to it, similar to a Ramli burger, but was outvoted on this)

- Pasta Carbonara (RM 18+):
Sinful but yummy pasta....

Creamy. Carby. Yummy.
(AND reasonably priced!)

Perfect comfort food but I just wish there was more meat in it to break the eventual monotony of the pasta and the rich sauce.
(Warning: AS with all pasta carbonaras, it can be a bit much/ jelak about half way through - I suggest you share with a friend....)

- Pasta Beef Zurich (RM 22+):
Interesting pasta....

If you are looking for a meaty dish but want your carbs too the this is great - tender chunks of beef in a lightly flavoured sauce, paired with a pasta of your choice (in this case, angel hair).

- Ribeye Steak (RM 39+):
Juicy red meat....

If you are a full on carnivore and nothing but a hunk of meat will do it for you then the steak is a good choice - was surprised how tasty this was considering the price.
(It was fairly tender, despite Albert ordering it to be prepared well done...)

- Crispy Skin Salmon (RM 30+):
Healthier option....

The Salmon (described to be sashimi grade) was a good eat - flakey, moist fish fillet with a suitably crispy skin, and beautifully presented.... I thought the serving was a bit small but overall, it's still ok.

Sorry - we didn't try any that night...

Unfortunately, they had run out of what we wanted (crepe and chocolate fondant!) so we decided to go to Bad Ass for coffee instead.
(Note: Sneexe said the bread & butter pudding there is nice but we just didn't feel like it that night)

Really enjoyed the meal there :)
(Thanks for organising/ recommending, Miss Sneexe! *hugs*)

I spotted quite a few other interesting items on their menu** and some very well priced lunch sets (RM 15?) so I think I'll go back some time soon to try it out.
(** Other than western food, they also have some Asian/rice dishes there...)

So it's: Wide range of western, Italian and some local food, comfortable and cheerful ambience, convenient location in shopping center BUT strangely, we found the food nice but there are some bad feedback on a few other blogs - inconsistent, perhaps?....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Indulge @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ
L1.12, ist Floor,
Tropicana City Mall

Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 6
Price** : RM 40/+ per person
Parking: Difficult on weekends

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-7710 6112
Opening Hours: 11am till 10pm


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  1. Hi! :)

    Need to get in touch with you.. How??
    Loveya reviews.

  2. to Curious N:
    Thanks. :)
    I've sent you an email (to the gmail address listed on your blog/ profile).

  3. I think that I saw this place while having lunch at Esquire Kitchen 2 weeks ago.. it's just next door or few doors away if I'm not mistaken right? hahaha...

  4. Shamed to tell, I have never been to tropicana city mall til today -_- think i must ask my hubby to go for a movie there then i can try out the food too at indulge~

    Oh, the cabonara looks really good...

  5. to thule aka leo:
    Yup. That's the place! It's right next to Esquire Kitchen I think.... :)

    to mel^^mel":
    It's pretty nice but also quite jelak! :)
    (Well, I guess all carbonaras are)

    OMG. How can you not have been to Tropicana Mall at all??? :P
    (Haha... better late than never! Just go this weekend lah...)

  6. Best value restaurant in town :-)


  7. to Julian Si:
    Do try it out with the wifey and baby. Hopefully you 3 will like it.

  8. Mushroom Cappuccino . . .

    something very unique and aim to go d~

  9. to taufulou:
    Hope you like it! :D

  10. That burger looked really humongous!

  11. to PureGlutton:
    It was a really filling meal on its own! - big fat juicy patty... :D


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