Monday, June 21, 2010

Restoran Siew Yok! @ SS23 (Tmn Megah?), PJ

New simple but yummy porky restaurant in SS23 (near Taman Megah) area....

New restaurant in PJ?
Specialises in pork? (specifically, crispy roast pork - siew yoke)


A friend (Mr MC) highlighted this restaurant to us pork lovers and we happily made a bee line to go try it out.

So cute lah... :)
The name of the restaurant is Siew Yok! - seemingly, a passionate babitarian exclamation of joy to the general public:

Just a few doors down from the Fu Kwa restaurant ...

Mr MC mentioned that he knows the owner, who after years of experimentation and dreaming, finally decided to pursue his passion and open his own restaurant...

While it is definitely not a fine dining restaurant, it is airy and much more comfortable than your average coffee shop. Please don't be fooled by how empty it looks in the photo though - it filled up amazingly fast during lunch hour:
Inside Siew Yok! ...

Of course, the highlight of this eatery is the Siew Yoke (RM 13.50), available in 3 variations - Yellow Gold, Black Gold and Melting Gold:
Yellow Gold Siew Yoke ...

I think we were told that they alternate the Siew Yoke but generally, it is a difference on the crispiness of the pork?

Anyway, that day we had the Yellow Gold Siew Yoke (Crispy Roasted Pork) and it was nice!
- really skin crispy
- tender, well marinated layer of meat,
- balanced with a adequate later of melt in mouth fat.

There are also a small selection of other porky dishes available at the restaurant:
- Loh Chee Yok (RM 27 13.50)
(Sorry. What a terrible typo. But to be fair the hand written receipt they gave us was confusing. They lumped several items together):

Hearty soupy pork ...

Well, was a biiiiit too salty, but the hearty soup and tender chunks of stewed pork, egg and tofu went well with the rice.

- Char siew (RM 13.50):
Honey roasted pork ...

Unlike the usual Char siew which has a sweet taste, the one here was more savoury, with a slight Thai twist with a dash of fish sauce and garlic.
(Interesting, but overall just ok. I prefer the Loh Chee Yok and Siew Yoke...)

Note: Beware the chili - nice but spicy:

Worth a mention is the Rice (RM 2.50) and Veggies (RM 8.50):

Yummy greens ...

While the serving was a little bit small, the rice was fragrant and had that nice dry-ish "one piece, one piece" type of texture to it.... As for the veggies, they were fresh and lightly flavoured with the simple oyster sauce and fried garlic combination.
(2 essential accompanying parts of the meal which a lot of restaurants mess up!)

I guess their concept is delicious porky coffee shop favourites (siew yoke!) in a comfortable environment? No doubt there's a slight premium in the food price but I think it's fair considering that it's not your run of the mill noisy, dirty, hot kopitiam and the pork is good quality stuff :D.

So, it's: Crispy, yummy roasted pork in a simple and clean setting BUT not much bad to say except that the menu is very focused (aka. limited) and service could be a tad faster.....

Summary Information:
Siew Yoke @ Restoran Siew Yok!, SS23, PJ

Opening Hours: 11am till 3pm
Phone: 019-2125 866
Address: 25, Jalan SS23/15, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya (Just off LDP, after Tmn Megah)



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  1. i definitely see the premium in prices, loh zhu yuk for rm27?

  2. I like your "1 piece 1 piece" description - LOL!

  3. Yeah, agreed with Joe. I had to read twice to make sure I was not seeing things. Portions not exactly hefty either.

  4. wat an apt name for a shop!

    black gold means charred skin??? Melting gold means all fatty ones???

  5. yum yum yum! long time no see.. when we going makan:P

  6. this one has to be visited very soon :) it's so near my house!!!

  7. found your blog when i searched for the review for Lobsterman.

    So many foods here. A useful guide for me when looking for food!

  8. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Yeah, the prices are on the high side but at least it tasted good.. :)

    to PureGlutton:
    LOL. I was actually cracking my head on how to describe that, and just decided to go for the direct translation! :)

    to J2Kfm:
    I wish it could be cheaper too! Bcos I like the siew yoke there....

    to babe_kl:
    I didn't get to try the other 2 variants that day but I want to go back to find out! :) :)

    to Ciki girl:
    Well, whenever you're free gimme a buzz! Yeah - it's been too long....

    to thule aka leo:
    Hope you will like it! :)

    to Carrie:
    Thanks! - I'm glad if I can help bring some yummy food to your life. :)
    (Ooh, and now I know I can go to your blog if I want beauty/ fashion tips... Thx to you too...)

  9. ahhh...3 variety ahh..unique lei~

  10. to taufulou:
    Yeah! :)
    I hope to go back to try the other 2 types soon. I wonder whether its very different from each other.... *curious*

  11. to taufulou:
    Yeah! :)
    I hope to go back to try the other 2 types soon. I wonder whether its very different from each other.... *curious*

  12. Droooooooool, porky stuff!

    ps - Missed u in KL :-(

  13. Passed this place a couple of times. Will let it pass the '3 month' test before stepping in ;)

  14. to Julian Si:
    Maybe next time!.... :)

    to UnkaLeong
    Haha.. Why not now lah? What's the 3 month test? :)

  15. If I were to go there, I'd be broke. Cos I'll probably eat 3 plates of siew yuk. So RM13.50 x 3... *sweats*

  16. to Bangsar-bAbE:
    Well, just bring Rif there? :)
    That's what a good, loving bf is for right? - Keeping his gf happy and well fed. :)

    Haha... :P

  17. the loh chee yok is actually only RM8.50

  18. to anonymous:
    Actually we're both wrong! The price is RM 13.50 per bowl.
    (I double checked to my original receipt + a photo of mine that happened to have a bit of the the menu in it)

    Aiya. Their hand written receipt was so confusing. They wrote down the price as RM 27 but actually it is for 2 bowls, not 27 bucks each.

  19. Oh but yes, there is an option for a smaller serving of Loh Chuee Yuk served with a bowl of rice that costs RM 8.50.

    And thanks so much for bringing my attention to this! :)

  20. I saw the banners around PJ but havent got the time to figure out where it is...

  21. to jason:
    It's quite easy to find if you roughly know the area.

    ... It's actually in the middle of the block of shops behind the Sime Darby Specialist Centre Megah (formerly known as the Megah Medical Centre) and Cash Converters shop which you can see from the LDP. :)

    (Does that help?)

  22. Oh yes! Finally someone reviewed tis place!
    So the siew yok is good huh?
    3 mths test means if it is stil in operation in 3 mths' time then we will go and patronise the place! LOL

  23. to the nomadGourmand:
    It's good - tender meat n crunchy skin...
    ... but I just wish the serving was bigger! :D
    (Lol. Ok now I understand what the 3 month test is)


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