Saturday, June 12, 2010

Starting To Freak Out

Only 2 more weeks!....

(Random conversation where the topic of New Year Resolutions came up)
V: "Hey, let's do something different this year - something we've never done before!"
J: "Um. Ok. Why not? Like what though?"
V: "Let's join a marathon - it'll be fun!"

And that's how I got (quite easily) talked into joining the Standard Charted KL Marathon this year. Well, not the full 42.2 km marathon*, but 10km is already quite a lot for a marathon beginner.
(*Now, THAT would have been really asking for trouble)
10 kilometresssss....

The thing is that as it gets closer to the race day, I am starting to get kinda afraid....
10 kilometers
= 6.2 miles
= 32,808.4 feet
= 1,000,000 centimeters!

Isn't it a lot?

Well, wish us luck. We are definitely gonna need it!

Getting ready for a whole new level of pain,

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  1. This year 10k, next year 21k, two years later, 42k! yay J! yay J!

  2. dont worry, if i made it last year, im sure u can.

    reminds me i got to double up the training bcos i m running 10k dis year too!

  3. To lyrical lemongrass: Awwww... Thanks for the support! Erm but let me survive the 10k first then we see how :)

    To joe who is constantly craving: oh cool. See you there! :) Just promise me you'll help me call the medic if you see me fainted by the side of the road!

  4. Mari. Kita berlari bersama? Nak?

  5. to UnkaLeong:
    Aiyo. You r so veteren in all these marathons worr....

    I think I won't be able to keep up with you loh... Most prob you'll be running circles around me! :)

  6. Hahahah! THIS is what you were telling me about earlier today! sorry- been a bit behind on my blog reading! You're gonna be fine!! with your crazy gymming! And 10k is such a nice distance- not too short to feel like a cop out, not too painful, not much training to invest!! :D

    Support!!! Be sure to blog about it after, babe!


  7. to Lynn:
    10k is a lot to me wor...

    Thanks for the support tho - It helps make up for the fact that you have been not reading my blog. :P :P
    (Kiddddinnnnggg *HUGS*)

  8. Good luck. Hope you had an early night!

  9. To Marcky: Thanks! :) Definitely need the luck. I don't think I've trained enough.....


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