Friday, November 25, 2005


Dinner Info:
Venue: Delicious Cafe at Bangsar Village (near the Village Grocer)
Date: Saturday, 26 November 2005
Time: 8.30pm till late
Confirmed attendees so far: Me, Al, Z, Sneexe and their friend.
Type of food: Fusion Italian-Asian Cuisine. That, and very yummy cakes.

To everyone else, RSVP when you decide.


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1 comment:

J said...


Penny For Your Thoughts

*hugs* Hang in there.

I just realized the infernal auditor *grins*

Mmmm.. Italian-Asian cuisine sounds tempting. But have other arrangements. Do enjoy and tell me how the food went. Oh wait. Think I'll just wait for the blog post
incy | 11.26.05 - 12:51 am | #


Well,... that's what I've been called in the past.... and possibly in the present too (behind my back)

Will try to do the restaurant review soon(-ish).

When will your exams be over anyway? (aka. when is it time to go out and celebrate?)
J to Incy | Homepage | 11.28.05 - 8:20 am | #


*thinks about question and replies*

Hmmm... next year? *avoids laser stares*
incy | 12.02.05 - 1:03 am | #


That's a bit far off, isn't it?

*cue laser stare*


J | Homepage | 12.02.05 - 8:27 am | #

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