Friday, November 18, 2005

Poor Fool

It must be love....

*grimace* "Of course I love it, honey.... It's BEE-EWW-TI-FUL"

.... or some simple yet effective tool of torture.
(look at his face...... the ~PAIN~ in his eyes!)

There can't be too many other reasons why someone of a sane mind would subject himself to that level of humiliation.....

Anyway, went for my first Salsa lesson by Senor Pattar last night......
(with Jo, Albert and Ken as my fellow students)

After getting over feeling totally self-concious due to the fact that we were dancing in an open area (and had some patrons of the nearby cafe staring at us).... I came to a sudden realisation: Something musta went ~VERY~ wrong while I was still forming in my momma's womb cos I got 2 left feet attached to my body....


Anyway... shall have to work on minimising the sheer "club foot"-ed ness of my dancing....
(Thanks Pat! You say the nicest things *glare*)

In any case, it's FRIDAY...


Hope you all have a good day and a good weekend ahead....!

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1 comment:


    Penny For Your Thoughts

    Can someone please tell him that Halloween is over for the year - he can take his mask off now !!! (hehe)
    Kelvin Yorke | Homepage | 11.18.05 - 9:32 pm | #


    Hey.... the "mask" suits the sweater tho, I think...
    J | Homepage | 11.21.05 - 8:30 am | #


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