Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Wacky World of Japanese Ice Cream

I am so curious what it would be like to actually try these..............
(Am conflicted on whether it would be an interesting experience or conversely, an experience that would scar me for life)

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Fish Ice Cream (Sanma Aisu) Something must smell fishy about ice cream flavored with saury, a saltwater fish popular in Japan...But there's no worries about that with this offering from Kimura Shoten as the fishy fumes have been drowned out by liberal doses of brandy. Not the greatest tasting ice cream on earth, though.

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Octopus Ice Cream (Taco Aisu) Want to tantalize the taste buds with a tentacle? If so, Octopus Ice Cream is the go. Japanese have been able to come up with an amazing variety of uses for octopus, ranging from delicacy to p0rn0 movie prop. Little wonder that octopus has found its way into ice cream, then.

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Fried Eggplant Ice Cream (Yaki Nasu Aisu) Eggplant is a mainstay of the Japanese diet, appearing regularly on such dishes as pizza and in sandwiches. Becoming an ice cream flavor was merely a matter of time

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Eel Ice Cream (Unagi Aisu) Eel is a summer delicacy in Japan, which probably explains why Futaba decided to use it to flavor an ice cream. Surprisingly, the smooth taste is quite palatable, even if the thought of what's being eaten is not quite as tasty.

You can check out the other flavours here.
(with corny commentary attached, as above)

(Pssssst...... Serina, you wanna try these flavours out instead of the usual Haagen Dazs?)

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    Penny For Your Thoughts

    Wasabi flavour? EEL??? *gag*

    Well... i'll try if you try!
    Pat | Homepage | 11.09.05 - 6:25 pm | #



    I'm game if you are!

    Let's hop on a plane to Japan now and give our tongues a ride of a lifetime...
    J | Homepage | 11.09.05 - 7:28 pm | #


    wait a minute...
    that didn't come out quite right...

    J | Homepage | 11.10.05 - 11:09 am | #


    Pat | Homepage | 11.11.05 - 1:36 pm | #


    Don't look at me like that!


    You KNOW I didn't mean it that way!
    J | Homepage | 11.11.05 - 3:09 pm | #


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