Friday, November 25, 2005

Video Madness

Feeling rather "bleh" this week.
Not that anything has gone catastrophically wrong......
(haven't gotten scolded/ fired from job/ hit by bird flu/ etc)
.... just feels..... well,... very "bleh".
(Can't find a better word)

I actually made a resolution to try to put up a new post every day, but I kinda slacked off this week, I guess.
(My bad - just didn't feel up to it)
It's not that the lack of updates affect many people anyway
(My blog stats are not that great)
It's just nice to have a creative(-ish) outlet for me out of my mundane cubicle dweller life....

I remember a time when I was much younger (and possibly, much more innocent) when I enjoyed writing (albeit, writing really BAD poetry) and I suppose I'm just trying to attend to that latent, much ignored part of my psyche.

Anyway, enough moping.

Here are some interesting videos to watch:

Will try to update tomorrow and the day after....

.... but if not, hope you have a great weekend ahead....



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