Friday, November 11, 2005

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? NO! It's Squirrel Girl!

... talk about an obscure superhero(ine)....

Lookee here... it's:

Squirrel Girl, feared protector of cute furry rodents!

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  • Real Name : Doreen Green
  • Identity/Class : Human mutant, U.S. citizen, still a minor
  • Occupation : High school student, adventurer
  • Group Membership : Great Lakes Avengers
  • Affiliations : Tippy-Toe (partner), squirrels in general; tried to become Iron Man’s sidekick; formerly Mister Freckle, Monkey Joe, Nutso, Slippy Pete
  • Enemies : Batroc the Leaper, Batroc's Brigade, Dr. Doom (disputably, see comments),Leatherboy, Machete, Zaran; unidentified criminals
  • Known Relatives : Maureen Green (mother)
  • Aliases : “Rodent,” the taunting title everybody at her school called her
  • Base of Operations : GLA HQ, Milwaukee(?), Wisconsin; formerly Central Park, Manhattan; formerly Los Angeles, California
  • First Appearance : Marvel Super-Heroes III#8 (Winter, 1991)

    Her full profile and history can be found here (if you should be so inclined)...

Oh, btw....


Got a fun filled weekend to look forward to (which is great)....

... dinner with friends on Saturday night,

... drinks with the ageing Miss BlurYee on Saturday night,

... shopping with mum on Sunday,

... watching play (The Girl From Ipoh) on Sunday afternoon.

Hopefully I'll be a good girl and fit in some hours at the gym in there somewhere...


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    Penny For Your Thoughts

    Is the comic's industry slump THAT bad???
    Pat | Homepage | 11.11.05 - 1:37 pm | #



    Apparently that is the case.

    Or perhaps it's just some billionaire out there with too much money, too much imagination and an unhealthy obsession with squirrels.
    J | Homepage | 11.11.05 - 2:56 pm | #


    Gah! My eyes!!! *gouges them out after seeing this AND those Jap boys*

    Such horrifying images...
    Bluryee | Homepage | 11.11.05 - 11:38 pm | #



    J to Bluryee | 11.12.05 - 3:28 pm | #


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