Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alternative Modes Of Transportation in China

An observation during a recent trip to Dali, China:

Popular ways used by Chinese people to get around.....
1) Feet:
An old fashioned yet popular and wonderfully environmentally friendly way to travel.

2) Bicycle/ Scooter:
A zippy way to get around - used by young and old alike.

3) Huh? WTF?:
It's a .... urm.... What is it??

Looks like some sort of strange unicycle....
If I had to name it, I'd call it "The Dali One Wheeled Tourist Trap" tho....

I mean, I'm all for ingenuity but that little boy was renting out rides in that contraption for about RM30 a pop. The price is probably negotiable anyway (as most things are in China) but that's a pretty high starting price considering the thing is bloody hard to move around in.

I saw a few curious people try it out and fail miserably - it's funny! : they either keep running into things or lose their balance and fall to their sides.


Now, that's something different: It's like "No tacky T-Shirts or kitschy souveniers for me! I went to China and brought back these bruises! *2 thumbs up* Yeah!"

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  1. haha, now that is realy interesting!

    i think i'll stick to the rest...

  2. iinntteerreesstiing contraption. reminds me of something i saw on southpark. dum de dum de dum

  3. to laksa:
    Yeah... I don't think it would be wise to try to get around Malaysian roads with that - you'd probably last about 5 seconds b4 getting run over by a disgruntled bus/ taxi.

    to merv:
    Which episode? - Was it used to kill Kenny?

  4. OMG!!!!

    you need to see this

  5. to B:

    I do hopw that the contraption I saw didn't have special attachments like the South Park version of it.

    to Merv:
    Now I know what you were thinking of exactly.


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