Monday, July 17, 2006

[vvv] Malaysian Monster Mash [vvv]

So, ten of Malaysia's top bloggers have been chosen by the New Straits Times (and Jaring) to represent US*, as a bridge between the new and old media @

The Chosen Ones:
Paul Tan - Malaysian Car God
Joe Rodrigo - Joe WHO?
Joyce The Fairy - She Who Rubs Shoulders With Celebs
Peter Tan - SuperBlogger on Wheels
Kimberlycun - Self Proclaimed Narcissist with Perasan Nickname
SultanMuzzafar - The Royal Full Time Blogger
KY - The Rojak Blog Man :)
Suanie - Angsty Girl in Quarter Life Crisis
Minishorts - Trapped in The Rat Race and Questing Against Pimples
ShaolinTiger - The Legal Alien in Malaysia
Srikhatirasa - Planted Double Agent (I think he's kinda out of place on this list actually)

(My Observation?: Hey look! No Kenny Sia! *gasp*)

There's not very much info on the website yet (except that this is "part of ... efforts to go beyond the traditional print edition and to provide a holistic package to readers") but seriously,.... is it really going to work?

I mean, the NST doesn't strike me as a particularly overzealous, left-wing, unpolitically correct kinda newspaper (I don't think any newspaper in Malaysia is)... So, what happens when the bloggers write about, oh, I don't know: Camel toes, politicians... or even comment on local newspapers?

Will MonsterBlog end up being a watered down, stifled and censored version of what is supposed to be open minded forum?

Only time will tell, I guess.

(*The new e-generation)

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  1. I got the smiley I got the smiley!!!

  2. to peter:
    Well,... you were shorlisted out of the THOUSANDS of bloggers, weren't you?
    Try not to let it go to your head tho, k?

    to ky:
    And now you got the wink too - ;)

  3. To quote:

    "All views and opinions expressed in MONSTERBLOG do not necessarily reflect those of NST and Jaring."

    With great disclaimer, comes great avoidance of any liability for conflict of interest?

    I would really salute them if they get political and talk something constructive against the brainwashing NST. Let's face it. It's hard to get apolitical in Malaysia. From cars (Paul) to disabled rights (Peter), diving accidents and coral damage (Shaolin) and even food (the mamak food kas-kas controversy)-for KY. It all involves politicians and politics. You just can't live in denial and run away from it.

    Just my two cents worth. Don't label me as sour grapes or gomen bashing.

  4. To howsy:
    Yeah,.. that is a pretty great "to cover my @ss" disclaimer, isn't it?

    We can only hope for the best right now and see what happens in the future.


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