Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Still Dream Of You, My Darling (Strawberry Cheesecake)

When I visited Melbourne (some time back), I made it a point to drop by Cafe Greco to indulge in the Strawberry Cheesecake. I had been introduced to this cake by friends when I was there studying there, many years ago, and had quickly fallen head over heels in love with it.
(It was probably a major contributing factor to the 10 pounds I gained in the 2 years I studied there)

Cafe Greco (South Yarra) Interior

As I sat down at Greco's, I started to feel afraid that after all this time, the glorious cake that I remembered from my past would somehow disappoint me (as memories are always glazed over somewhat)
As I bit into the cake though, I realised that *droooool* no, it's still THAT good.
(Thank you God!)

THE Strawberry Cheesecake

In so far, it is still the best Strawberry Cheesecake I have ever tasted in my life - it's really hard to fault it in any way...
The texture of the cake is smooth and creamy without being too cheese-y.
The generous amount of strawberries are ripe and voluptous, encased in a delicate strawberry gelatin that is silky but not too sweet.
All this, complimented by the perfect crumbly base.
(All in all, a tantalising textural ecstasy)

Well,... I suppose there's one flaw, for us poor Malaysians anyway: The bloody cake costs AUD$7.
(That's more or less RM21)

Cafe Greco is famous for its cakes in general, especially its cheesecakes (the coffees there are nice too). You have to be careful which ones you order though - I tried the Mars Bar Cheesecake once and found it to be PAINFULLY sweet.

The Greek/ Italian food they serve there is also pretty good (but not very cheap). There are 2 outlets that I know of: One in the Crown Casino Complex and another on Chapel Street in South Yarra.
If you are ever in the area and have AUD$7 to spare, do give it a try.
(Oh, I dunno whether it is Halal or not ah - It's Australia so I can't give any guarantees...)

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  1. aiyoh, the piclook so tempting wor!!

    yeah, totally agree - when i studied in melb a couple years back (okay, more than a couple) I used to stay along St Kilda Rd, which is pretty close to Chapel street so i'd go every week to wine and dine :)

    the pastry shops at St kilda Beach is also fantastic ;)

  2. to laksa:
    It looks good and tastes even better....
    Miss it.

    Oh,... you studied in Melb too?

    Stop reminding me of the cakes! I'm getting hungry....

  3. the pictures makes me very hungry.

  4. mmm cheesecaakkkeee.... yummy. any cheesecake is good for me! haha

  5. to ah beng:
    Then go out and have a slice of cake - that way it'll satisfy your cravings and you'll be happy.

    to Merv:
    Me too!
    (So if there was only one slice of cake left in the world, would you fight me for it or let me have it?)

  6. if there was only one slice of cake left in the world, i would let you have it. :)

  7. to ah beng:
    Awwww... that's sweet - thanks.
    (Hooray - more cake for me)

    to emilio:
    Arrr, matey.
    It'd be a fight to the death then!

  8. I would cut the cake into two pieces, then I would eat them both. jk... I'd give you one forsure.

  9. to b:
    Well... calories are best shared anyway, don't you think?

  10. i'd let you have it, then kill you. hahahhahha

  11. to Merv:

    Well,... I've been warned then! - If we ever get into such a situation, I will make sure I have a loaded gun on hand, just in case...

  12. yay!! looks like i'm not the only one who's in love the greco's strawberry cheesecake!! yums!
    i too make it a point to drop by greco's cafe every time i visit melbourne! XD

  13. yay!! looks like i'm not the only one who's in love with the strawberry cheesecake! XD yums!
    i too make it a point to drop by greco's cafe every time i visit melbourne! =)

  14. to kid:
    Me too!
    Anyway, a cake THAT good has got to have a lot of fans...

    In fact, if we were both in Greco's and there was only one piece left, I might just fight you for it.

  15. I never want to try second times in Greco's cafe. The cakes are too sweet. I would say the cake in Secret Recipe will be better than that.
    this is my comment...

  16. to anonymous:
    See lah.
    I already warned you that most of the cakes there are super sweet and you didn't heed it. :P

    Go back and try the Strawberry Cheesecake! :P

    If you don't like it then please freeze it and send it over to Malaysia - I will GLADLY finish it for you.


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