Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Birthday Blues

It's almost that time of year again and I'm really at my wit's end on what to do to celebrate.

It's funny, isn't it?
When you're young, birthdays were something exciting and magical to look forward to: a day of cakes and presents and ice cream and smiles... As you get older though, it's really just another day to remind you that you are getting older and not necessarily any wiser.

I think I'm just gonna get a lot of alcohol in one place and just drown out the world, maybe with a few friends around.... I'm tempted to go clubbing, but with the amount of police raids going on recently, it may turn out to be an eventful night for all the wrong reasons.
(Seriously, the whole "pee into the cup and pass it to the nice police man" thing is just doesn't sound like much fun to me)

What to do,.... what to do?
*paces around*
(Anyone have any ideas?)

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  1. Happy Birthday! Just have a private party at home, much easier and cosy. Maybe BBQ or a pot luck? If friends can't cook, just ask them to ta pau food at yr fav makan places.

  2. Just go on a holiday with someone special...:)

  3. Happy Birthday (in advance)!

    hmmm, you could still go clubbing but just don't get caught :)

    and i know what you mean - birthdays become more and more sombre as we become older... *sigh*

  4. invite your friends over for some finger-food & drinks, listen to music & chat or watch some dvds together.

    happy birthday, J. :)

  5. ...since you love food, go to the "best of best" restaurant in town and get your mate to treat you to a food feast....

  6. to boo_licious:
    Thanks for the early wishes.
    Hmmm,.... well, I don't think any of my friends can cook as well as you so most times we'll end up ta-pauwing.

    to anonymous 1:
    It would be nice to be whisked away on an exciting holiday but somehow I don't think that's in the cards for me....
    (It's a lovely thought tho - thanks)

    to laksa:
    Yeah lorr.
    So depressing, isn't it?
    (Oh, thanks for the birthday wishes)

    to ah beng:
    Thank you for wishes and suggestion....
    ... will definately have to figure out what to do soon.

    to anonymous 2:
    Best of the best restaurant?
    No money.....

  7. aiya...get him to pay la...:)

  8. to anonymous:
    Good advice!
    See lah if I can convince anyone to belanja me.

    (Hey... any volunteers??)

    to SooJ:
    7th of August! -Go mark it on your calender.
    Oh... presents are not required, but are definately much appreciated!

  9. aiyah..

    like that ar..


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