Tuesday, July 11, 2006

~ World Cup 2006 : Chocoholic Edition ~

I know,.... I'm a bit outdated, posting these up now with the World Cup 2006 being over and all that...
(I really did mean to do this earlier but got sidetracked by work)

Still, these World Cup chocolates are just soooooo cute!
(So, I'm just gonna post them up anyway)
See for yourself:

*sings* Ole, ole, ole, oleeeeeeeeeee......

... and they were yummy too! - Each different team jersey/ picture came with a different filling, ranging from yogurt to praline to cream...


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  1. Very cute - so when u chomped them down it must have been appropriate since World Cup is over.

  2. to Boo_licious:
    Well, anytime is a good time for chocolate, don't you think?


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