Monday, July 10, 2006

~ Junk Inside My Trunk ~

The Dinner
Placed in the middle of a row of old shop houses on Wayang Street near the Kuching city center, The Junk is a restaurant very popular with locals and visitors alike. Once you step in, you will be embraced by the eclectic and cosy setting - with dim lighting, warm hues and old "junk" decorating the restaurant area upstairs....
(Downstairs is a more of a bar/ cafe style setting)
The Junk Interior (upstairs)

We had heard that the serving sizes here were generous so that night, we jumped straight into the mains. First up: The Fisherman's Basket:
The Fisherman's Basket

Good Lord - That was an absolute monster of a dish!
Basically it is a mixed deep fried seafood platter (with fish, prawns, squid, crab, mussels and a heap of fries.).. and what it lacked in taste, it made up for in variety and sheer mind-numbing quantity.
Warning: Attempting to consume this all by yourself would be folly indeed.
(I honestly think it can comfortably feed 2 to 3 people)

Next up, the Grilled Salmon and the Lamb Shank:
The Grilled Salmon and the Lamb Shank

The salmon was ok - fresh and flavourful but ever so slightly overcooked.
The lamb shank was also average - tasty sauce but the meat wasn't very tender.
(Well,... I had expected a lot because it was reputed to be the best lamb shank in Kuching)
(Oh, the mash potatoes were yummy tho - damn you carbs!)

I began to see a consistent theme when all the mains had arrived.
The portions at The Junk were HUGE... a bit too huge for one person actually, if you ask me.
It is terrible when you are halfway through your serving and start thinking: "Blergh.. I, I just can't eat any more! I never want to see another piece of prawn/ lamb/ fish/ etc ever again!"

So, it would be a great idea to share your meal with a friend while you're eating at The Junk.
(Don't worry about looking like a cheapskate.... it's better than gorging yourself and feeling sick later or conversely, wasting food because you can't finish it)

Ok... onwards...
You have now reached the "Don't waste your time/ money on these" section of the review:
First up, the Olio Olio Spaghetti:

They were generous with the amount of chicken but unfortunately, that didn't help much. The spaghetti was overcooked and limp, the sauce was a joke (tasteless) and it was all in all just not what an olio is supposed to taste like (I have never in my life encountered such a soup-y olio).

Next, the Creme Brulee:
The Creme Brulee

Honestly, this didn't taste that bad IF what you wanted was a custard with some sugar on top. If you wanted an actual Creme Brulee, sorry ol' chap - better luck next time (at some place else).....

In the end, (although I was very disappointed with some of the food) I enjoyed the whole dining experience at The Junk.... It's still a good place to eat and chill out - you just have to be really careful what you order.
(Oh,... and sorry I didn't try any of the starters this time... The mushroom soup looked good tho)
So, it's: HUGE portions + Great value for money, wonderful ambience BUT blur waiters and hits & misses on the menu

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

The Junk @ Kuching

Taste: 6 (If you factor in the spaghetti, this drops to a 5)
Ambience : 7
Service : 7
Price** : RM 40/++ per person
Parking: OK - have to park at the roadside

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone/ Fax No.: 082-259 450/ 019-857 1870/ 016-889 2044
Opening Hours: Wed to Mon - 6.30pm till late


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  1. Ahh... The Junk. I use to go there for ice blended coffee with me mates. Then Coffee Bean opened and I was converted. Hahhaha

  2. to Merv:
    Ah, another Coffee Bean-aholic..
    I used to drink the ice blendeds there a lot too. Then I realised how much I was spending on coffee every month and came to a grinding halt.

  3. Who says The Junk serves the best lamb shank in Kuching? Yikes! You should try Exza along Padungan Road. Their Lamb Shank is the best - tender and huge - served with delicious rosemary mash potatoes and garden salad. Yummy and its less than RM30.

  4. Exza sounds good - Will try it the next time I'm in Kuching.

    Oh,... I heard from my friend S and also read it on KennySia and a bunch of other blogs....
    (Maybe they just haven't tried out the lamb shank at Exza yet lah)

  5. for me the best lamb shank in kuching definitely has to be from magenta at jln nanas...i think they serve great food n yummy desserts...definitely one of my fav restaurants in kuching...oh n they serve the proper creme brulee as well aa a delicious spaghetti aglio-olio n seafood platter...n yes i try to go there as often as i can that's y i know all these haha! yum mouth is watering just typing out this comment!

  6. hi there...sorry about the double posts...i thought that the 1st one didn't go thru that's y i typed a second one...u can just delete either one...sorry again! =)

  7. to anonymous:
    About the double post - No probs! Don't worry about it.

    Didn't try Magenta when I was in Kuching... but will definately try it the next time I'm there.

    (Hey, are the cakes/ desserts there as good as Tom's? If it is, then I'll fly over right now)

  8. haha...well for me it is =)

    Oh...and every sunday is dessert nite, which means u get a free dessert for every main course ordered ;)

  9. to anonymous:

    ... and they're free too?
    (The cakes at Tom's are so expensive)

    I'd better get that plane ticket soon then.


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