Friday, July 28, 2006

The Results Are Out!

The staff transfer announcement has been made....
... and yes, it's me.

Hopefully, this'll be the start of better things to come - it sounds interesting so far. Strange how life works though: with this career move, I'll be working much closer with all things chocolate.


Of course as usual, with change comes fear....
As much as I dislike certain aspects of my job now, I've just gotten so used to it.
(The stress, the lack of sleep, the desperate reliance to coffee to stay awake,... stuff like that lah)

Well, they say you should hope for the best but prepare for the worst, right?
*keeps fingers crossed*

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  1. Forrest Gump says "Life is like a box of Chocolates" & since you're a chocoholic, you'll do very well. I'm sure. :)

  2. i'm happy for you that you got what you wanted :D

    i love chocolates too but i fear if i work in close proximity to them every single working day i might end up becoming diabetic...

    congrats again, dear!

  3. oo ooo ooo oooo! where are you off too? congrats by the way =)

  4. to another chocolate addict:
    Thanks for the well wishes!
    I hope so too.... but I am very afraid I will gain a lot of weight bcos I can't resist the temptation of the chocs at such a close proximity.

    to laksa:
    Awww, thanks!
    Yeah... I'm so afraid that I will gain 20 - 30 pounds in the first few months and because a total fat @ss!
    If I do, do you can help me lose weight through a special laksa diet?
    (Or will that just make things worse?)

    to merv:
    Thank ye kindly, dear Merv.
    Oh, and I'm still gonna be in the same company.... just transfered to a different job function in another department.

  5. congratulations! wishing you success in the new department.

  6. Congrats! Just think of how relaxed you will be sniffing all those chocs every day! I'm sure you will be able to control yrself with all the chocs - I have utter confidence in u!

  7. to Ah Beng:

    to boo_licious:
    Yeah... with that delicious aroma, I might never leave the office!
    Thank you for the vote of confidence - I will try my best not to disappoint you.


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