Friday, July 07, 2006

=== Fare Thee Well ===

It's Friday....
*tears streaming down face with manic grin*
... Oh thank you Lord!

Anyway, I'm flying back to KL tonight so: Goodbye Kolo Mee! Goodbye Sarawak Laksa! Oh, and goodbye random cat statues!
I shall miss you all.

Am really looking forward to going home....
So many people I haven't seen for so very long...
(*waves frantically* Hi, MUM!)
So many places I haven't been to for ages...
(One Utama, KLCC, Megamall... Oh realms of retail therapy! I shall be with you soon...)

I think that's a very high probability that I am going to spend most of the weekend catching up on sleep though.
Oh well,... it'll be glorious to sleep in my own bed again anyway.
(The initial novelty of hotels gets old really fast if you've been away for too long)

A shout out to my friend Rashpal who's back for his semester break!
(Oh my Gawd, I cannot believe he is really almost a doctor)
(Seriously, it's almost scary imagining him with a scalpel/ prescribing meds/ etc)

Haha... that's the problem with old friends - always remembering all the stupid things you did when you were young(er).

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