Friday, December 09, 2005

BE the ZOMBIE! (Gwwwarrrrr.... BWaaaaainsssss.....)

This game looks like fun!


A classic tale of love, death and brains

How it all began...

In 1933, Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield was just another traveling salesman trying to get by during the Great Depression. His lifelong losing streak reached its logical conclusion when he was brutally murdered and ignominiously buried in a remote Pennsylvania field.

Love at first bite - getting to third base

But now... It's 1959. Playboy industrialist Andrew Monday has constructed a monument to his own ego: Punchbowl, Pennsylvania, a technology-driven City of the Future to which the world will look for guidance.

Unfortunately, Punchbowl (motto: "Drink your fill of the Future") is built atop the same stretch of land where Stubbs was buried all those years ago. When he crawls out of his grave during Punchbowl's opening day celebration, Stubbs doesn't know who killed him or why he's returned.

All he knows is that this strange city of towering buildings, bright lights, and incredible machines wasn't here before...and that eating somebody's brains would make him feel better.

Players take on the role of Stubbs as he lurches his way through several environments in and around the gleaming city of the future, feeding on the brains of the populace and anyone else who stands in his way.

Friends are those who lend a hand

In death, Stubbs has finally achieved the success and power he never had in life – and he sees no reason to stop until all of Punchbowl is his. Of course, Andrew Monday has other ideas. The tension mounts until the city explodes in a full-scale human vs. zombie war.

(If you want to check out more screen shots, the Stubb's The Zombie Official Website is HERE)

So far, this game has gotten really good reviews all around due to its originality and hilarious dark tongue in cheek (or is it brain in mouth?) humour....
(save for a few complaints that the game is a tad too short)

(Reviews from HERE and HERE)

The only problem now is that I don't own an X-box....
(OR a good enough PC)


Hey Al! You have an X-box.... and you like violent games, right?


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