Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chocoholic's Log

Time: Day t -1 (till escape from office)
Venue: Minion Cubicle #102983

Things are looking up!

Am in a really good mood because I'm starting my annual leave next Monday.
*inner J does a happy dance*

Had a good weekend....
On Saturday afternoon, I met up with my old friend Ling (who I hadn't seen for really long because she's been too busy flying all over the world)....
Ling (and her boy) whipped up a delicious lunch....
(Mmmm,.. deviled eggs, roasted veg, panfried mushrooms, cold cuts and cheese - YUM)
... which me and Nick consumed voraciously....

Compliments to the chef!

This was followed by B-52 shots prepared by the gracious hostess...
(Rule of thumb: Any time is a good time for alcohol (and chocolates, of course!)

Alcohol is your friend...

Another round of gluttony ensued during dinner at Flamin' J Firehouse later that night.
(Yes, yes... will put up review soon)

Sunday was a lazy day...

Monday too...

And the rest of the week?
Week's been ok, I guess.
(All work and no play - *sigh*)
(Well,.. life as an Internal/ Infernal Auditor is never easy, I suppose)
(*inner J screams in frustration*)

Signing off,

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