Tuesday, December 27, 2005

O' Happy Day!

Am back at work!
*tries to psyche self up*
I love my work!
Really, I do!

Who am I kidding?
(To those of you out there who have found a job that you absolutely LOVE - Congratulations! I hope you appreciate how lucky you are....)

Anyway, here's a video for your amusement.........
First of all, imagine this:
Some old dude squirts some white stuff on 2 half naked guys...
... who then proceed to shave...
... and touch each other's skin...
... while ooh-ing and ahh-ing about how smooth it feels...
... as the aforementioned old dude proceeds to spray MORE stuff at them...
... It all ends with the 2 half naked guys engaging in what looks like an gleeful mating ritual type dance...


Oh yeah.
If I was a straight guy, I would DEFINATELY go and buy that shaver.

See UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman and Pride MW champion Wanderlei Silva feel each other up in this Japanese razor commercial.

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