Friday, December 16, 2005

A Night in Paris

*looks at calender*
Yup, it's Friday again...
*sigh of relief*


Anyway, this year, my family and I ventured to the quaint and wonderfully lush Cafe Cafe on Jalan Maharajalela, Kuala Lumpur to celebrate my mother's birthday....

After the initial misadventure , we found ourselves at our venue of choice...
(It all began with making one wrong turn *sigh*)
(I'm hopeless with directions! - I really should have printed out the map from their website)

(Word of warning: although parking is ample in the general vicinity of the restaurant, the area is very dark and looks a bit dodgy so please please don't walk alone, k?)

I love this restaurant......
From the outside, with its dark finishing, it looks rather unassuming... but the moment you step through its heavy wooden doors, you will be immediately transported to another world...
... a world of decadence and lush glamour,
... with glittering crystals floating on gossamer threads from the ceiling, sparkling like stars plucked from the sky...
(seriously,... it feels like being warped a few thousand miles into a romantic Parisian cafe)

Image hosted by

A peek into Cafe Cafe

Ok.... enough gushing about the restaurant decor.....
Onwards to the food!

The Dinner:

We started off dinner with a selection of appetizers...
- the Baked Escargots, in basil sauce (not in photo) which was ok,
- the Panfried Mushrooms in Garlic which was delicious!, and
- the Smoked Salmon Salad which was crisp and fresh (*yum*).

Image hosted by

The salad and the mushrooms!

Soon after, the mains arrived....
Here is the Panfried Salmon in Wine Sauce which was delicious...

Image hosted by

Here fishy, fishy, fishy.....

... and the monstrous Braised Lamb Shank that I had,...
(such a large serving... and only for RM 36!)
... the lamb shank, although large, was surprisingly tender and just slightly spicy...

Image hosted by

Holy moly! Look at the size of that shank!

Mmmmm,... and the creme de la creme.... The Chocolate Mousse which we had for dessert....
(It's really good!)

Image hosted by

Eat first, regret later....?

My mum had the Chocolate Royale for dessert...
It was also really good... similar to the Mousse but with more texture as it had a delicious crumbly base....

Overall,... we all had a lovely time at the restaurant...
It has an extensive selection of wines, delicious food, charming and attentive waiters.... all beautifully packaged in a truly unique and delightful ambience.

Of course, there is always a downside to every place... and for Cafe Cafe (this is me being super super fussy), it was the oddly mixed crowd that patronises it......

It's strange:
You'll see beautiful people, dressed to the nines, giggling over wine and foie gras at one table....
... and at the next table, you'll find a groups of people dressed in t-shirts, shorts and slippers sipping on coffee....
(Not that I'm against people wearing whatever the h3ll they want, as long as they are comfortable... it just kinda spoils the ambience)


Anyway, that's all for now.....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Cafe Cafe @ Jln Maharajalela, KL

Taste: 8
Ambience : 8.5
Service : 8
Price** : RM 80/++ per person
Parking: OK (but very dark)

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 - 2145 8141
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat 6pm - 12am
Sun 12pm - 12am


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    Penny For Your Thoughts

    The food looks good here. Heard quite a bit about this place from friends who highly recommend it.
    boo_licious | Homepage | 12.20.05 - 3:40 am | #


    You should go try it out!

    It's an experience in itself...
    (The food is good but the ambience is great...)
    (Well,... except that it gets a bit TOO packed to still be romantic on Saturday nights..)
    J | Homepage | 12.21.05 - 2:11 pm | #


    wow it looks good! i've been trying to find a good italian or french restaurant in kl and so far no luck.... their desserts sound yummy too... what are the prices like? it looks like a posh pricey place but since u said 36 for a lamb shank, perhaps its not too bad? thx for the review!
    ch | 02.13.06 - 3:41 pm | #


    Am glad you enjoyed the review.
    Just trying to do my part to make the world a better place for gluttons like me.
    Do try out the restaurant sometime.
    I hope you enjoy it.

    (and yeah,.. the lamb shank is really worth it - RM36++ for a rather large serving)
    J | Homepage | 02.13.06 - 5:39 pm | #


    The reason it FEELS like a Parisian cafe is that it actually is... the 2 owners actually transported the deco / teacups from France to open up here in M'sia.

    The reason for the weird mix of clientele is that this place is actually a gay/lesbian hang out. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it just is.

    Btw, I had a very divine Ice Lemon Tea there once.
    IB | Homepage | 03.16.06 - 11:59 am | #


    Ice lemon tea? Hmmm,... I will try that one day, should I ever get over my alcohol addiction.
    (I tend to order wine/ beer/ cocktails only)

    Thanks for the tip tho.
    J to IB | Homepage | 03.16.06 - 1:29 pm | #


    Hey J,

    Great review. I went there about a month ago had one of the best starters I have ever had, the fried Brie with some jam sauce MMMM. the buffalo mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes is an acquirred taste but good as well.

    Creme brulee was excellent. I kind of like being casual in that restaurant, just a glimpse of two obvious paradigms in Malaysia
    meesh | Homepage | 04.04.06 - 10:19 am | #


    Glad that you enjoyed the review...(and thanks for the recommendations - will make a point to try out the brie next time)

    Yeah. The desserts there are great!
    I like the creme brulee too but I especially like the chocolate mousse and the royale.
    (I am a loyal and willing slave to chocolate)
    J to Meesh | Homepage | 04.04.06 - 10:42 am | #

  2. i was wondering if they serve chicken? coz my bf only eats chicken

  3. to ann:
    Hmmmm... I don't remember seeing any chicken on the menu but probably there is at least one option.

    Oh. But Banquet at Bangsar Village 2 has a nice chicken dish and the quality is similar because it's opened by the same ppl.
    (The only thing is that the ambience is not so special at BV2)


Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. :)