Thursday, December 15, 2005

Made In Japan

Presenting, the hottest up and coming celebrity phenomenon in Japan now...

Name: Masaki Sumitami
Date of Birth: December 18, 1975
Place of Birth: Harima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Education: Doshisha University (majored in Commerce)

What is his claim to fame exactly, you ask?

Well, Masaki-san is a 29 year old who's most spectacular "gei" (meaning talent in Japanese) is to turn into his TV alter ego : Hard Gay (aka "Razor Ramon") - a tall, buff faux homosexual dressed in a revealing black leather S&M outfit, whose incessant pelvis-thrusting and frequent exclamations of “WOOO!!!” has captured the hearts of Japanese, young and old....

(Good Lord,... Hard Gay's "gei" is pretending to be gay - eek... what a pun....)

Hard Gay's (HG) TV shows are loosely based on the wholesome concept of "yonaoshi", meaning social improvement. This means that he meanders down streets, attempting to help out those he perceives as being in need whilst making jokes rich with pun and innuendo (most times, whilst thrusting his crotch in the subject's direction with reckless abandon)

Hard Gay at Japan Yahoo! office
(Warning! View screenshots at your own risk!)

Wanna find out more?
Read articles on HG HERE and HERE.

Still morbidly curious? Wanna see him in action?
(Note: The following video(s) do not have English subtitles but seriously, you don't need them - it's still hilarious even if you don't understand a word he's saying.....)
HERE - HG trying to make himself the Yahoo! mascot

Hit me again, you say? (Oh, behave!)
More videos:
HERE - HG working at a ramen store
HERE - HG helping the public on the streets of Japan

Curious aboout his recent cameos?
In the PS2 game: "Rakugaki Oukoku" (Graffiti Kingdom). Observe gameplay HERE.
HG cardboard cut-outs pimping out DVDs in stores:

Image hosted by
Woooooo......! Buy my DVD!
Like I said..... Only in Japan.....

I'm feeling rather drained from work so thankfully, it's almost the weekend...
... and to add to that, I start my annual leave next week!
(Now, if only I can get the hours to pass by more quickly.... *wishful thinking*)

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  1. Transfer From Haloscan
    Penny For Your Thoughts

    Hard gay is the greatest ever

    nice HG profile, ive never seen a picture of him without his trademark hat and sunglasses but I heard he changed his outfit for the new season where he now plays Hard Gay Cop.

    If you like hardgay check out and search under "Razor Ramon" his other alias (with subtitles!) His popularity is starting to reach the US apparently.


    oh and youre kind of cute by the way. Im from Los angeles, CA. Drop me a note. later
    Ray kil | 05.20.06 - 9:05 pm | #


    (Now, that was a nice message to start off a Monday morning with)

    Hard Gay is so funny....
    I just wonder how the Japanese ppl keep coming up with these concepts tho - hilarious!
    J to Ray kil | Homepage | 05.22.06 - 8:33 am | #

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